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Automatic Shut–Off Valves in Ontario, CA

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The last thing you need when you leave your home for a vacation or just a weekend away for your plumbing to spring a leak and lead to flooding of your Ontario property. Water damage can be devastating, not to mention expensive to fix. Fortunately, you can turn to Sweetwater Plumbing for the installation and service of an automatic shut-off valve.

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An automatic shut-off valve is a special emergency shut-off valve that we can install directly into your plumbing system in order to prevent flooding. You don’t even have to be home to use this system!

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How Does an Emergency Shut–Off Valve Work?

Your emergency shut–off valve—also referred to as an automatic shut–off valve, is designed to sense when water is escaping into a home. The valve is installed directly into your main water line, and when escaping water is detected, the valve turns and closes off the flow of water until the problem is fixed.

There are numerous ways that this system can sense flooding. One method is to use sensors on the floor that pick up the presence of water. The more popular method, however, involves measuring water pressure within your pipes. A sudden drop in water pressure is a key indicator that water is rapidly escaping into your home, which triggers the shut–off valve to close.

The Benefits of an EMergency Shut–Off Valve

If there is any extended period of time you’ll be away from your Ontario, CA home, then it’s a good idea to have an emergency shut–off valve installed. You want to make sure your home is protected at all times—particularly those times that you’ll be on vacation and your house will be unattended. Pipe bursting is actually a common concern in our communities, particularly with the large number of older homes that may have aging and corroded plumbing.

Even if you do occupy your home on a regular basis, a shut–off valve still provides a great peace of mind during the times you aren’t home, even if you are just at work for the day. It only takes a few hours, sometimes even less, for flooding to destroy the bottom level of your home. An automatic shut–off valve is a great way to protect your property from serious damage that can lead to months of repairs and remediation.

At Sweetwater Plumbing, we are well aware of how to best provide protection for homes throughout Ontario, CA and beyond. You can also rely on our team when it comes to scheduling repairs or maintenance for your automatic shut–off valve, in addition to the rest of the plumbing throughout your home.

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