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Trenchless Technology in Ontario, CA

When it comes to having repairs done to your Ontario, CA property’s main sewer line, you probably have an image of a torn up yard and a huge repair bill. This is a notoriously difficult part of your plumbing system to access, and rarely gets the attention it needs as such. In fact one of the most common calls that our expert plumbers get is in regards to serious problems with sewer lines. There’s no need to despair, however.

The professional plumbers here at Sweetwater Plumbing have a solution that minimizes the hassle of sewer line repairs and replacement: trenchless technology. Also referred to as no-dig technology, trenchless sewer line repair allows us to conduct repairs with minimal disruption to your land or property. In fact, trenchless sewer line replacement lets us replace the whole line with minimal disruption and damage as well. Sewer line emergencies are never convenient, however trenchless technology can help repairs go smoothly—but only if you call the right company. Free estimates, low prices, 24 hour service… you get all of this and more with Sweetwater Plumbing.

How Does No–Dig Technology Work?

When you need sewer line repairs or replacement, it’s understandable that you’d like to have it done with as little disruption as possible to your Ontario, CA property. This technology enables our professional technicians to conveniently access your sewer line, which is responsible for carrying waste away from your property to a municipal sewer line, and is buried deep on your property—out of sight. Normally, this would make it very difficult to service. However, with no–dig technology it’s a lot easier.

Piping and sewer line repairs and replacements were once a tremendous project, necessitating that a trench be excavated over the entire length of the pipe in question. Therefore, anything above that pipe—walkways, gardens, trees, etc.—would require removal. Understandably, this process caused a large amount of disruption. However, trenchless technology takes only two small pits that are dug out at each end of your sewer line. Then, our team uses a mechanical systems and specialized equipment to easily repair your sewer line efficiently and in a cost–effective manner.

We Handle All Sewer Line and Piping Jobs

Whether you need to have a portion of your sewer line pipes repaired or you need a complete replacement, our team provides the services you require. Our expertly trained plumbing technicians use this technology effectively for both sewer line replacement as well as water and gas line installation. Using the two small holes mentioned above, an entire pipe can be pulled in to replace the old one.

The way this works is that first a conical head splits or bursts the old pipe, ideally forcing it out of the opposite end as the new pipe is pulled into place. This leaves you with a brand new sewer line with very minimal disruption to your yard and your property. We’d love the opportunity to share with you more information about this innovative technology, and how it can help your home or business whether you need pipe repair, replacement, or new installation. Give us a call today.

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