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Sewer Line Services in Ontario, CA

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Most Ontario, CA area residents don’t think about this much, but your sewer line plays an essential role in how well or how poorly your plumbing system operates. This part of your plumbing system must stay in good condition to effectively and hygienically remove wastewater away from your property. This is why you should call on Sweetwater Plumbing for your sewer line services.

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • We offer a full range of residential plumbing solutions
  • The latest technology in leak detection and sewer line location

Since 2009, we have provided superior sewer pipe repair and sewer line replacement services, in addition to quality sewer cleaning services throughout Ontario and beyond. We have the equipment needed to manage your sewer line needs in a timely and efficient manner.

For reliable sewer line services, contact Sweetwater Plumbing today.


Do You Need a Sewer Replacement?

Sewer lines can be compromised by a number of factors. Anything from construction, to tree roots, and even shifting ground due to earthquakes can cause damage to your sewer line. In the best case scenarios, sewer repair will help you get back in business quickly.

However in many cases a sewer line replacement is necessary. The following signs are indicators that your sewer line is failing and at least needs to be inspected by one of our professionals, so that we may determine whether a repair or replacement is a better option.

  • Dropping water levels in your toilet bowls.
  • Waste backup in two or more toilets on your property.
  • Bathroom plumbing running slow or backing up.
  • Bubbling or backed up drain while running a sink nearby.
  • Gurgling noises when water is turned on and off.
  • Bad odors coming from the toilet or an area of your yard.

Are Your Sewer Lines in Good Shape?

Though our ground is relatively stable here in Ontario, CA—especially compared to other parts of the country with softer soil—ground shifts do still occur. This is particularly true in areas affected by earthquakes. When these shifts do occur, seals become loose and the piping that lies under and around your property can break.

There’s a common belief that this only occurs in older buildings, however it doesn’t matter how recently your property was built. Although, older pipes are often made of materials that begin to corrode and leak around the joints, which can cause them to collapses or become compromised more easily by tree roots.

Video pipe inspection is one of the innovative technologies our company uses to diagnose what exactly your sewer line problem is. From there, we have a variety of methods to either repair the line or perform any cleaning that may be necessary, by using high–pressure hydro–jetting. Call us today to learn more about our sewer line services.

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