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Commercial Sewer Camera Inspection in Ontario, CA

One of the worst problems that can assault the plumbing system of any commercial property is trouble with the sewer line. This pipeline is responsible for carrying away all wastewater and solid waste from drains around the property and removing it to the municipal sewer system. If this pipeline is clogged, suffering from root infiltration, leaking, or broken, it can have devastating effects on a business and lead to a shutdown due to code violations.

Solving commercial sewer line trouble involves having professional plumbers inspect the pipeline to locate the specific problem. At Sweetwater Plumbing, we use high-tech commercial sewer camera inspection equipment to do this job: it tells us what’s wrong, where it’s wrong, and the exact way we can correct it. You can rely on us 24/7 in Ontario, CA and throughout Southern California: “We’re always open for business!”

Using Cameras to Inspect Sewer Lines

Miniaturization and digital technology is what allows us to inspect the interior of pipes without having to tear open parts of the property and dig to reach them. Sewer line cameras are small digital cameras mounted on a long fiber optic cable. The cable can be inserted down a clean–out or other drain access point and fed the entire length of the sewer pipeline. A powerful LED light on the cable provides illumination for the HD camera, and the images are sent back to a monitor. A plumber can manipulate the camera while watching the monitor to get a detailed view at the pipe interior and take recordings.

Putting Sewer Line Camera Inspections to Work

What can these images tell our plumbers and how can we use them to help with sewer line services? Here are some examples:

  • Discovery of tree root infiltration. If roots have grown into the sewer line (a common problem), we’ll know what steps to take to remove them.
  • The location of leaks. If the trouble is leaking along the sewer line, we’ll be able to pinpoint the specific places that need repairs. This reduces guesswork and time spent on the project.
  • Finding extensive deterioration. If the sewer line is decaying from age, the inspection will show the extent of the problem and let us know if it’s better to replace the entire pipeline.
  • Knowing when it’s time for sewer line cleaning. The problem may be as simple as informing us the sewer line is overdue for powerful hydro–jetting to clean it.

Sewer Line Service Professionals in Ontario, CA

You never have to ask us specifically for a camera inspection when you call us for help with a sewer line: it’s already part of our procedure for handling work with commercial plumbing. Our licensed and trained plumbers have the finest tools available to ensure they do each job right and on time. We know you have a choice when you’re looking for commercial plumbing in Ontario, CA and the surrounding areas, and we want to earn your business thanks to our skill and commitment to using the best equipment. Rely on Sweetwater Plumbing!

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