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When Is It Time to Replace a Water Heater?

To get the most from any appliance in your home, you want it to last as long as possible. There’s no “repair” more expensive than having to replace the entire appliance, after all!

But no mechanical device will last forever, and at some point you’ll have to face the question of “repair or replace?” When it comes to an appliance as important to your daily life as your water heater, this can be a difficult question to answer. We can help you determine when a water heater should be replaced.

Signs a Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced

  • Decline in hot water volume: One of the clearest indications of excessive age in a water heater is when the amount of hot water it can deliver starts to drop. Are people in your home starting to go with lukewarm showers in the morning when this never happened before? The likely cause is an over-the-hill water heater.
  • Signs of corrosion: Corrosion is one of the main enemies of water heaters, but fortunately water heaters are designed to resist it for years. But after all those years… yes, it can become an issue. If you see corrosion appearing anywhere on your household water heater, call repair technicians, and be prepared to have to replace the unit.
  • Rising energy bills: The water heater in a home accounts for the largest slice of your annual energy budget. When the water heater wears down with age and begins to work harder than it should, you’ll notice a definite rise in those monthly bills. If repairs and regular maintenance can’t turn around this trend, it’s time to retire the water heater.
  • Leaking: A single leak here and there is something repairs can remedy. But large leaks, or leaks occurring frequently, often mean that corrosion is appearing somewhere. To avoid water damage, have the water heater replaced.

For water heater services in Corona, CA or elsewhere in Southern California, call on Sweetwater Plumbing. We’re always open for business.

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