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What You Should Know About Tankless Water Heaters

tankless-water-heaterWhen you are considering a water heating system, you should probably know the full scope of what your options are. For example, did you know that you aren’t just limited to the standard tank water heater?

We have encountered far too many people who weren’t informed about tankless water heaters and their benefits. Its a shame too because we think these systems are pretty great. From efficiency to how much they can save and how well they heat, tankless water heaters can make for a great addition to someone’s home.

Like we said we want people to have all the information possible about tankless water heaters so we have provided some information for you below to read through. And, once you have learned a bit more about these wonderful units, if you want to look into water heater installation in Ontario, CA, give us a call!

Wait,  How Does It Work?

Many people are confused by how a tankless water heater operates. The name itself seems very counterintuitive to what we imagine when it comes to heating water. Don’t you need a tank to do that?

Well, unlike its storage-based cousin, the tankless water heater is able to warm water as it passes through the system. That means, rather than water being constantly kept warm in a large tank, tankless heaters will heat water when and only when it is needed. There will be a brief amount of cool water that reaches you but once the system kicks on the water coming from your showerhead or faucet should be nice and warm.

Are There Any Benefits To Using One?

There are, in fact, multiple benefits to installing and using a tankless water heater. We’ve listed some of the most important ones we think you should know below:

  • They Save Water: When you live in California, any system that helps you save water is worth consideration. Tankless water heaters are able to save quite a lot of water simply because they don’t have to keep so many gallons in storage at all times. They only heat water when it is needed, reducing a lot of your household water use.
  • They Save Energy: Tank water heaters store water and have to keep it at a certain temperature at all times. While this can be nice for convenience sake, it sucks up a lot of energy. In contrast, your tankless water heater only runs when you ask it to, meaning no energy is wasted when you don’t need warm water.
  • They Use Less Room: Again, no storage is needed with a tankless water heater. This provides yet another benefit in the form of the system taking up far less room than the on-demand water heater would. This means more space in your home for you to use!

The next time you are considering a new water heater for your home, make sure you look at the possibility of installing a tankless hot water heater.

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