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Scalding Caution for Your Water Heater!

thermometer-going-redA hot water heater is a heating device that works in all seasons. Here in Southern California, where the mild winters mean home heating systems that work only for a short time, a water heater does the same steady work as always, no matter the month on the calendar.

But if you’ve noticed a recent change in the temperature of the hot water from the taps and shower heads, or you just don’t think you’ve ever gotten sufficient warmth from the water heater, please don’t turn up the aquastat (the water heater’s thermostat) to try to make up for it!

The Danger of Scalding Water

The aquastat doesn’t control the temperature of water with the same precision that a thermostat controls home comfort. Pushing up the temperature of a water heater doesn’t necessarily set an upper limit. It’s possible for the water in the system to get hotter than the setting. Because the thermal sensor is located near the bottom of the tank, it’s possible for it to incorrectly read hotter temperatures at the top. Due to a common problem called thermal stacking, the water at the top can overheat to more than 140°F—hot enough to create a potential scalding damage. Someone using the shower could suddenly be struck with intensely hot water and suffer from scalding.

Repairing the Water Heater

If you water heater isn’t giving you the heat you think it should, it’s likely due to a malfunction or the system’sage. Using the aquastat to compensate not only leads to health hazards, it won’t solve the root of the problem. Call on water heater experts to look at the system and find out what needs to be done.

If you think you need service for your water heater in Riverside, CA or elsewhere in So. California, contact our plumbers. They have extensive experience working with all types of water heaters (including tankless water heaters) and can fix whatever is wrong with yours. If you need to have a new water heater installed, let them help you find the best replacement system.

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