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A Water Heater Needs Maintenance from Plumbing Experts

water-heater-plumbing-repairsWhen the fall starts, HVAC companies remind their customers that it’s time to have maintenance done for their heating equipment. Even Southern California can get the winter blues! But plumbers also ask their customers to arrange for maintenance as well, and it’s for a heating system that Californians need every day, no matter the weather: the water heater.

You certainly have a water heater serving your household’s daily cleaning, washing, and cooking needs. But you may not realize how much work this appliance does: it accounts for almost 40% of the energy used in most homes! That’s a huge chunk of your utility bills. A device this essential that works this hard needs special attention every year.

Where do you go for professional water heater maintenance? An expert in plumbing in Riverside, CA or wherever you live. It takes plumbers to deal with the special needs of a water heater.

Why Water Heater Maintenance Is Essential

A water heater is a type of heating system, and in many ways it’s not much different in operation from a gas or electric furnace. These devices must have regular inspections and check-ups to ensure they operate safely, effectively, and efficiently. The same applies to water heaters, but with the additional concern about water storage, possible leaks, and the decaying effects of corrosion. The plumbing parts of a water heater are why it requires plumbers with specific training to handle maintenance.

What Does Water Heater Maintenance Take Care Of?

There’s a checklist of inspections and cleaning jobs necessary each year for a water heater, and a technician will also handle a number of specific tasks based on the type of water heater and any issues the inspections may uncover.

For gas water heaters, a technician pays special attention to the gas burner to see that it’s cleaned off, the pilot light or igniter works, and that there are no gas leaks. An electrical water heater will have its heating elements checked.

The technicians will check on water pressure and water temperature to make sure they aren’t rising or falling. They make a special effort to look for signs of corrosion or where leaks may be occurring, as these are issues that need immediate repairs. The technician will also check on the calibration of the aquastat, the device that controls the water temperature.

Tankless Water Heaters Need Maintenance As Well

If you have a tankless water heater for your home, it still needs an annual check-up. Corrosion and leaks are still possibilities with tankless systems. Since many run on natural gas, they need to have inspections to keep them running safely. The best way to enjoy the long service life promise of a tankless water heater is to keep up with maintenance from licensed plumbers each year.

We offer service for water heaters throughout Southern California, including tankless and heat pump water heaters. Call us today to arrange for maintenance for your system, or to schedule repairs and even a complete system replacement.

Sweetwater Plumbing is always open to serve you in Southern California. We don’t charge by the hour, we charge by the job!

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