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The Importance of Timely Water Heater Flushing

No matter the season, the water heater is an appliance that you will always need. There are numerous daily tasks that rely on easy access to hot water with just the turn of a handle or pressing “start” on a washing machine. But this ease and accessibility makes the source of this hot water—the water heater—easy to take for granted. Without regular service, the water heater in your home may one day fail on you, leaving you stuck with cold water until repair arrives.

To avoid such a thing, as well as to give your water heater the longest life possible, it’s important to schedule regular inspections and tune-ups for the system. One of the major jobs that professionals do during water heater maintenance is to flush the tank.

Why Tank Flushing Is Necessary

The water inside the tank of your water heater comes from the municipal system. This water often carries impurities; they may not necessarily be harmful to drink, but they can create problems in the water heater. As the water sits in the tank, these impurities can start to settle along the tank’s bottom, eventually forming a sediment layer.

Why is this a problem? There are a few reasons. One is that the sediment will block the heat exchanger along the bottom of the tank, making it harder to apply heat to the water. When this starts to happen, you may hear a rumbling from the tank, which is the sound of water percolating up through the sediment. If you detect this noise, call plumbers to see if the tank needs flushing.

The sediment layer will also decrease the volume available in the tank, and this will cause a spike in water pressure. High water pressure is bad for the water heater and pipes in general, and also cause overheating.

When you schedule annual water heater maintenance, the tank will be flushed whenever it’s necessary. Your water heater will also get all the other services it needs.

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