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Proper Sizing Is Critical for Tankless Water Heaters

tankless-water-heaterIf you are considering replacing your old, inefficient storage tank water heater this fall, first of all—good for you! No reason to keep a power-draining and unreliable old water heater around longer than necessary. Second of all, we recommend giving serious consideration to replacing it with a tankless water heater. You’ve probably heard about some of the great advantages of going with a tankless system: they cost much less to run, have lengthy service lives, take up little space, require fewer repairs, and best of all they won’t run out of hot water!

But we’d like to address that last benefit—because this is one of the big pluses of a tankless water heater system that will completely vanish if you don’t have the water heater installed professionally. Unless an expert plumber correctly sizes the water heater to match the demands of your household, you’ll end up with a tankless system that won’t be able to keep up.

Wait, I thought tankless systems can’t run out of hot water!

This is technically true, because a tankless system doesn’t store hot water. Each time a tap turns on making a request for hot water, the system heats up more on demand. However, if there are multiple hot water requests at the same time (such as two different showers running in the morning) a tankless water heater can be overwhelmed and struggle to meet demand.

For a tankless water heater to satisfy a particular household’s hot water needs, professionals must match the house with a tankless system that has the right maximum temperature rise and flow rate. For example, if there are often two showers running at once in your home, the water temperature must be raised and the flow rate increased to heat more water at once. Our professional plumbers will add up the flow rate of the appliances in your house and how often they are used so they can find a tankless water heater in Fullerton, CA with the correct flow rate and temperature rise.

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