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Low Hot Water Pressure and Your Water Heater

gold-faucetWhen you turn on the taps in your house, whether for a sink faucet or a shower head, and the water pressure feels weaker than normal, there are a number of different possibilities. In most cases, this is a municipal issue that will soon be remedied. But it could also be leaks, hard water build-up, or problems with the water main to your house.

If the low water pressure is coming only from the hot water taps, then the trouble can be narrowed down a bit further. You could have a build-up of corrosion, sediment, or other debris in the hot water lines for the home, but not in the cold water lines. Or … you may have hot water heater problems. If the low water pressure is occurring at all the hot water taps, this is probably what you’re dealing with.

The Water Heater and Low Water Pressure

What could go wrong with a water heater that would lead to low water pressure? If you just had the water heater installed, then it was probably done incorrectly with pipes of the wrong size. This is why you always want to have a licensed professional handle a water heater installation in Riverside, CA.

If the water heater is an older one, a drop in water pressure could come from a number of malfunctions. The fill tube could be clogged up. The tank could be leaking. The circulator pump might be broken. All of these are serious malfunctions—particularly the leaks—that need to be fixed right away. In some cases, these problems indicate the whole water heater needs to be replaced.

Because of the variety of reasons for a drop in hot water pressure in your house, please don’t attempt a diagnosis on your own. Let our professional plumbers check out what’s wrong and find the right solution.

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