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Is Your Water Heater Making Spooky Sounds?

Water heater visible in the corner of a room.

Water heaters do their job without making much noise. So what happens when the water comes out hot, but you can hear banging, knocking, or tapping sounds coming from your water heater every time it kicks on?

It means there’s something wrong with your water heater. We’ll go over all the different spooky sounds your water heater can make, what they mean, and help you find out when it’s time to schedule water heater repair in Ontario, CA.

Knocking or Loud Banging Sounds

Hearing what sounds like a knock on the door, only from inside your water heater? Thankfully this one isn’t a major cause for concern, but it’s still something that you should monitor regularly. This is typically caused by water hitting your shutoff valve a bit faster than it’s supposed to.

While this doesn’t immediately spell disaster for your water heater, you can call for water heater maintenance to alleviate this sound if it bothers you quite a bit. This is the least concerning noise on this list.

Screeching or Squealing Sounds

Screeching is caused by an increase in pressure. You have check valves in your water heater that allow water to pass through. If they’re too tight, water pressure builds since it can’t flow as easily as it wants to.

This creates that screeching sound you sometimes hear during your water heater’s operation. You can inspect check valves on your own if you’d like, but it’s difficult to know if they open and close fully without experience. To prevent issues caused by high water pressure, you should contact a professional.

Tapping or Pitter Patter Sounds

Tapping could be one of two problems. You could have sediment buildup in your system that creates this sound. The noise indicates that it’s time to have your water heater drained and cleaned.

Another option is a failing check valve. While less common, it may also be a sign that there’s an issue with your heating element. It’s difficult to diagnose, which is why in this case you definitely need a professional technician to tackle the job.

Humming or Whirring Sounds

These sounds are fairly loud and very irritating; you’re likely to notice them right away. They indicate that something is coming loose within your water heater. While this sound usually comes from loose check valves, it could be any number of components.

If you don’t feel comfortable shutting down your water heater and tightening everything yourself, enlist the assistance of a professional. These sounds indicate problems, but shouldn’t cause any major failure if checked early on.

Have Haunting Sounds Coming From Your Water Heater?

Don’t wait to address necessary, critical repairs that maintain the function of your water heater. If it sounds off in the slightest, it’s worth scheduling an inspection and repair by trusted professionals that can determine the damage and suggest the best course of action.

Contact Sweetwater Plumbing today to schedule water heater repair during the spooky season and restore your hot water as fast as possible.

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