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Is Your Water Heater in Trouble?

showerhead-ceiling-runningWhen something goes wrong with your water heater you don’t want to have to take extra time to try to hunt down a reliable plumber. It can take hours to scour through websites and try to parse out plumbers in your area that might be trustworthy and able to effectively perform your water heater repair in Ontario, CA. Thankfully when you work with Sweetwater Plumbing you have a go-to source for all your plumbing needs!

When something is wrong with your water heater you will want to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible–especially if you have a leak (water is not to be wasted here in California)!

What’s Wrong With the Water Heater?

Hopefully, the warm water didn’t run out in the middle of your morning shower and prompt your Google search about repair services. It is never pleasant when that happens. That’s why we like to keep people informed about what the earlier warning signs are of a water heater problem so they can avoid a chilly surprise:

  • Kettling or rumbling noises: When you turn on the hot water tap in your kitchen or bathroom next time, see if you can hear strange noises coming from your water heater tank. Sounds like a tea kettle warning you that the water is boiling or rumbling noises are indicators of problems within your system that need to be addressed before they cause an early breakdown.
  • Signs of a leak: Take some time to check on your water heater. Do you see moisture or puddles of water around the base of the water heater? If so you may have a loose or deteriorating connection that is leaking water. If there is a leak in the tank itself however, you have a bigger problem on your hands.
  • Fluctuating water temperatures: Your water shouldn’t go completely cold without warning (unless your system is in really bad shape.) In most cases though, you’ll notice fluctuating temperatures or diminished heat in your hot water which should warn you that something is up and needs to be examined by a professional ASAP.

Our Plumbers Can Fix What’s Wrong

Let’s say you know something is up with your water heater. What do you do? You want to fix it quickly before you have no hot water, but this doesn’t mean a quick amateur fix or a DIY repair attempt are good options. In fact, both of these options can be dangerous for you and your water heater.

Rather than risking you comfort and your money, invest in professional repairs that will be the job done right. The services provided by the trained professionals at Sweetwater Plumbing with deliver the results that you want without costing you an arm and a leg. What’s more, we can work with you to check on and plan for any issues that may cause issues in the future.

Contact Sweetwater Plumbing to schedule your next plumbing service with the pros you can rely on. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! 

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