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How Much Will a Heat Pump Water Heater Save Me?


We work with different types of water heaters when it comes to new installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. The majority of homes still use storage tank water heaters, but the tankless and heat pump water heater are becoming more common because they can help a household save money on energy bills. A heat pump water heater is a highly attractive option for a home that doesn’t have a gas line, since it uses much less energy than a conventional electric water heater.

How Much Can a Heat Pump Water Heater Save Me?

We can’t give you a definitive number because every home has different hot water requirements. The savings also depend on what kind of older system you’re replacing with a heat pump water heater.

However, the U.S. ENERGY STAR program has done tests and estimates, and they’ve found that a certified heat pump water can save a home up to $3,500 in costs over its lifetime. There are also rebate incentives to help consumers save even more.

How Does a Heat Pump Help Save So Much Money?

If you are comparing a heat pump to an electric tank water heater, the answer is that heat pumps use a less energy-draining method of providing heat to the water in the tank. A conventional electric water heater uses heating elements inside the tank. Electric current runs through the elements, causing them to heat up, just like the heating elements in a toaster or an electric oven. This creates heat—and it takes a lot of electricity to get hot enough to have an effect. But a heat pump water heater doesn’t create heat at all. It uses electricity to power components that move heat from outside of the tank and release it inside. This consumes far less electrical power.

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