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“Does My Tankless Water Heater Need Repairs?”

hand-holding-wrenchIf you have a tankless water heater in your house you probably already know how beneficial these systems are. They are a great option for any homeowner that wants to save some energy and water without reducing their access to a reliable steady stream of hot water throughout the year.

With that said, while tankless water heaters are a more advanced technology, they are not going to be able to operate properly without expert service. Just like any other home system, your tankless water heater needs occasional help from a professional to keep operating well.

The question here is does your tankless water heater need repairs? If you aren’t sure we can help you figure it out.

3 Indicators Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Help

Tankless water heaters provide some unique advantages to the people who have them. They aren’t going to last without professional repairs though. If you notice any of these warning signs, make sure to reach out to us for your repair needs. We are experts at servicing all types of water heaters in Riverside.

  1. Reduced water pressure. You turn on your faucet to get some hot water and you notice that the water pressure is weaker than normal. This isn’t something to ignore. Chances are this is caused by sediment build-up or a leak in the pipes the provide your hot water.
  2. Fluctuating temperature control. Your tankless water heater should be able to provide a steady stream of hot water when you turn on the tap. If you notice that instead, you are getting lukewarm water or water that fluctuates in temperature it is a sign that something is wrong with your tankless system. Whether it is a problem with the heating elements or the electricity feeding the water heater you will need an expert to get the problem handled.
  3. Increased energy and water bills. As always it is a great idea to keep an eye on your monthly bills. Doing so can alert you to a problem in any number of systems in the house. Your water heater accounts for a good portion of your energy use throughout the year so if you notice large spikes in your monthly bills there is a chance that this could be from a problem with the system. If you notice increases in both your energy and your water bills the issue is definitely originating in your tankless water heater.

Our Team Can Help

Even if you schedule regular maintenance for your tankless water heater there will eventually come a day that it develops a repair need. For that reason, it is great to have a team that you can trust to get those repairs taken care of in a fast and efficient manner. Our team can do just that.

The pros at Sweetwater Plumbing are available to help with diagnosing and addressing any troubles that you might have with your water heater. All you need to do is reach out to us to get started.

Contact Sweetwater Plumbing today. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job!

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