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Can You Fix a Leaking Water Heater?

water-heaterWhen there is a problem with your water heater it may not always be immediately apparent. The thing is you don’t want it to become too apparent because that means that you will be without hot water. If something seems to be off with your hot water supply the best course of action is to get your water heater checked out if only to make sure that nothing is wrong.

In some cases, though your plumber will discover that your water heater has an issue that needs resolving. If you get your water heater checked and discover that it is leaking you may be wondering if you can get by with a water heater repair in Fullerton, CA. The truth is that it depends.

When You Can Repair Your Water Heater

We’re happy to be able to say that there are definitely situations when a leak is repairable. Leaking from your water heater it’s always going to be a problem but not always a death sentence. The key differentiator is going to be where the leak is located. Who can repair leaks from your water heater when they originate in the connections to the pipes that provide water to the system and transport hot water into the house. You can also fix leaks in the pipes themselves as well.

When To Replace Your Water Heater

Of course, there will be times when a leak from your water heater does mean that you need to replace it. Older water heaters may have started to deteriorate enough to start to rust or corrode. When the system falls prey to corrosion it may cause a leak to develop in your water heater’s tank. If you have a leak in your tank unfortunately it isn’t a fixable issue. A leaking water heater tank is something that indicates you need to replace your system.

Whether You Repair or Replace, Always Use A Professional Technician

Are you noticing that something seems to be off about the operation of your water heater? If you are picking up on poor temperature control and reduced water pressure, chances are that you may have a leak. If you notice that the hot water you do recieve is discolored and has a metallic smell, you may even have a corrosion issue on your hands.

The best way to tell what is going on with your water heater is to work with a trained professional. The plumbers at Sweetwater Plumbing are happy to assess your water heater and see what is causing trouble. If it is something repairable, we are happy to take care of it whether that means replacing worn connections or patching a leaking pipe. If your water heater is ready to be replaced, you can rest assured we’ll help with that too. We can work with you from selecting your new system to scheduling the appointment for us to get your old water heater removed and your new one installed.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Contact Sweetwater Plumbing for help with your water heater today.

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