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Water Damage Restoration: What Can I Do On My Own?

water-waveOne of the important services we provide in Southern California is water damage restoration. We provide this vital service for both homes and businesses. We do testing, disinfecting, personal belonging recovery, and temporary power. We’ll even work directly with your insurance company to remove as much stress from you as possible—you already have enough stress as it is when you’re dealing with large amounts of water damage on your property.

The Question of DIY Water Damage Restoration

You cannot do water damage restoration yourself. The issue isn’t simply cleaning up and removing the water. Even if you’ve gotten all the water removed from an area and you can’t see left any doesn’t mean it hasn’t cause extensive damage to building materials that are saturated with it. Mold will start to develop, wood rot set in, drywall crumble. In fact, mold can start to become a problem within 48 hours after damage if professional remediation isn’t already underway. So do not wait to contact us to start the process.

However, there are ways you can help out before we arrive. You should mop up and remove as much visible water as you can to prevent continuing damage. Put down towels to help absorb smaller amounts of water, but you will probably need to have these towels specially disinfected afterwards to remove contamination. Remove all moveables from the area to keep them from sustaining damage, as well as to provide the restorers space to move.

Do not attempt to use heaters to dry the affected area! Whether its plug-in space heaters or just a hair dryer, this is not only ineffectual at removing water damage, it is potentially dangerous. Don’t turn on the furnace at high blast as a way to “dry out” parts of the house either. The best tactic is to wait for the water damage restorers to arrive before you take any further action aside from what we’ve mentioned above. We’ll see you have complete water damage restoration in Corona, CA or wherever you need us.

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