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The Big Troubles with Water Damage

water-waveAn important service we offer our customers throughout Southern California—one you won’t find with every plumbing contractor—is water damage restoration. Both weather and plumbing disasters can create extensive water damage in a home or business. Cleaning up the mess isn’t as simple as using a mop. Water seeps into surfaces and through the tiniest cracks and openings, making eliminating it and preventing future problems difficult. Difficult, that is, unless you go straight to water damage restorationists.

Ways Water Damage Is … Damaging

This is an incomplete list of how water can create extensive damage for a residential or commercial building. Some of these aren’t obvious at first, but the longer you wait to call for professional restoration services, the more likely you are to encounter them.

  • Mold growth: The first big step in water damage restoration is a thorough drying of the area with professional equipment. (Just because a surface feels dry doesn’t mean it’s dry below.) Leftover moisture encourages the growth of mold in a building. Mold eats quickly through building material, weakens foundations, and can affect indoor air quality.
  • Electrical damage: Water in contact with electricity—not a good combination! And this damage isn’t always instantaneous when the flooding happens. The water seeping through walls can reach wires and outlets, triggering later electrical fires.
  • Bacteria: The same way that leftover water can create mold growth, it also creates a breeding area for bacteria and microbes that can jeopardize your family’s health.
  • Structural damage: Water down in structural supports in a house leads to wood rot and weakening of beams and supports. This is perhaps the most dangerous water damage problem of all—and it largely remains hidden from sight until it becomes serious. This is why you want professionals on the job: they know where to search for signs of damage.

If you need water damage restoration in Fullerton, CA or elsewhere in our wide service area, we’re here 24 hours a day to answer your call.

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