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What To Do When You Have a Running Toilet

toilet-with-button-flushIt’s the middle of the night and you wake up thinking that you are hearing things. After a couple minutes you realize that you are in fact hearing the sound of running water in your bathroom. You go to take a look and discover that the source of the noise is your toilet.

This whole incident seems very strange since you know that no one has used the toilet recently. So the question now is how and why is your toilet running on its own?

This is an event that we at Sweetwater Plumbing have gotten many calls about. That is why we want to give you some information on the “how” and “why” behind a toilet that seems to be running with a mind of its own. Because the truth is, your toilet is trying to tell you there is a problem

What Causes a Toilet Leak?

Your toilet sees wear and tear from daily use just like every other system in your home. It probably sees more regular use than some parts of your home, actually! That wear and tear will eventually take its toll though leading to a leak. There are a few common causes of leaks in your toilet including:

  • Tank problems: Your tank may develop a crack over time, allowing water to leak onto the floor.
  • Problems with parts: The parts that allow your toilet may wear out and allow water leaks within the toilet itself. This can include loose or worn-out connections between the tank and the toilet bowl, a worn flapper, or problems with the flush valve assembly.
  • Cracked seal: The seal around the base of your toilet may wear out and become loose or crack, allowing water to leak around the base of your toilet.

How to Identify a Toilet Leak

The next question of course is how you can determine whether you have a toilet leak or not. We want you to know what to look for because a toilet leak isn’t always the most obvious issue. Here are some signs to watch for:

  • An ever-running toilet: After your toilet flushes, does it seem to just keep running and running? This shouldn’t happen and is likely due to a loose part in the tank or a leak in the tank itself.
  • Presence of water: This sign is a bit more apparent. The key is taking note of where the water is. If the water is around the back of your toilet, this indicates a leak in the tank. Pooling water and staining around the base of the toilet are a tell-tale sign of a toilet with a loose seal.
  • Sewer smells: We know the bathroom doesn’t always smell the best but if you are smelling sewage it is a strong sign that you have a toilet leak in the bowl itself or even in the vent pipe behind the toilet.

Get Your Leak Fixed, Fast

If you have a leaking toilet, the sooner you call for repairs the better. Repairing or replacing a leaky toilet is definitely a job for professional plumbers in Montclair, CA, not for amateurs.

Contact the expert plumbers at Sweetwater Plumbing. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job!

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