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Ready to Upgrade Your Home Plumbing? Let Us Help!

Monday, June 15th, 2020


It is official, you are ready to get down to business and kick off your home remodeling project. No amount of furniture or new paint can cover up those appliances from the 80s and floor plans from 1976. You want to update and upgrade and a big part of that is going to be making sure that your home plumbing is up to date too. Thankfully we can help with that.

Our kitchen and bathroom plumbing services in Santa Ana will help you bring your home plumbing systems into the modern century while keeping you safe and comfortable. Trust us when we say handling your plumbing lines, whether it is installing a new faucet or checking on older pipes, is a job best left to plumbing professionals like us. Take a look at the different ways we can help update your home.

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Why You Should Never Hire Unlicensed Plumbers

Monday, July 15th, 2019

wrenchesNo matter if you have a basic plumbing repair you need for your house or you’re looking for service on the plumbing installations in your commercial facility, the best people to turn to are those offering cut-rate prices and who have no professional credentials!

Did that sound right? Of course it didn’t. But it’s surprising how many homeowners and business owners turn to unlicensed plumbers to do important work. If you need plumbing in Santa Ana, CA, you have a great licensed team only a phone call away to help you any time of the day or night: Sweetwater Plumbing. (CA License # 889182) And if you still feel tempted to call “that guy your brother-in-law knows” for your plumbing services, we have some excellent reasons why you should never go near unlicensed plumbers.

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Drain Cleaning in the Fall Is Highly Recommended!

Monday, November 5th, 2018

cleaning-drain-illustrationSouthern California isn’t at the mercy of seasonal extremes. We don’t have to give you advice about winterizing your home’s plumbing, and the problem of frozen pipes is nothing you’ll need to worry about.

But there are some seasonal jobs that can help your plumbing, and one of them is to schedule preventive drain cleaning for the house in fall—preferably before the end of November. You only have to call a professional plumber in Santa Ana, CA or elsewhere to arrange for the job. (Yes, this job takes professionals. Just pouring caustic chemical solutions down the drains won’t clean them, and it may damage them.)

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Here Are Warnings You’re About to Have Drain Problems

Monday, September 10th, 2018

plumber-under-sinkA clogged drain in your home—now that’s no fun. Sometimes you can clear out a clog using a handy sink or toilet plunger. Other times a basic hand-cranked drain snake can take care of it. (Never use chemical drain cleaners; they can damage drainpipes.) However, if neither of these solutions solves the stopped up drain, or the clog continues to come back, call for Santa Ana, CA drain cleaning with our plumbers and we’ll see you have your drains restored.

But we’d like to give you some help before­ you start to have drain problems in your home. A minor clog can sneak up on you, but bigger drainage concerns—the kind requiring help from professional plumbers—often provide you with warning signs. Here are a few to look for so you know to call for drain cleaning in time to stop major troubles.

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Low-Flow Toilets: Yes, They’re a Good Investment!

Monday, May 7th, 2018

toilet-with-button-flushYou may have heard about the advances in water-saving low-flow fixtures for homes. Low-flow faucets are an easy choice to make, since there is little sacrifice in performance and the water savings are excellent. Low-flow faucets aren’t an expensive upgrade to make, either.

But when it comes to another major low-flow installation, the low-flow toilet, you might be more hesitant. Do these fixtures work as well as they need to? Considering the higher cost, will the new installation pay for itself? How much water do they really save? In short—are low flow-toilets a smart investment for your home?

You can already tell what the answer is: it’s in the title of this post. But we’ll go into some details about why replacing old toilets for low-flow models is a good use of home improvement money.

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What Type of Water Heater Will Save Me the Most Money?

Monday, April 23rd, 2018
  • water-heater-modelQ: What type of water heater should I get to have the best money savings?
  • A: The right type of water heater.

We know that answer sounds like we’re being flippant, but it is the correct answer. There is no single type of water heater that is a guaranteed money-saver for a house because every household is different. A tankless water heater with a high efficiency rating may sound like a sure thing for cutting down on energy bills, but it might end up doing a bad job at actually delivering the hot water the household needs end have to be replaced early. That’s hardly saving money!

  • Q: So how do I find the right type of water heater?
  • A: Work with a professional plumber.

Thankfully, the answer to this question is straightforward. A new water heater installation must be handled by a plumbing professional, so you might as well involve the professionals from the start to select the ideal new water heater for your needs. A water heater must first be able to handle the hot water demands of your household, or else it’s not much good. Professionals can size the system (determining volume of hot water, flow rate, etc.) so your household will rarely run out of hot water or experience a drop in efficiency because of hot water demand. The pro plumbers then look for models that will cut down on your heating costs, but also make sure the model won’t be prohibitively expensive.

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What Is “Water Hammer”?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

woman-shocked-by-noiseNo, it’s not a magical item from a fantasy story—although that would be a neat weapon. Water hammer is the name for the loud thumping sound that may suddenly come from your home’s pipes. Water hammer is a common occurrence—in fact, in early plumbing systems, water hammer was what often caused people to believe their houses were haunted!

It’s not a ghost, so what is it?

What’s occurring when you hear water hammer is the abrupt stop and reversal of water flow in the pipes. This can happen when a faucet or other tap is shut off. The force of the water direction change creates a noticeable banging or thumping sound.

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How Much Will a Heat Pump Water Heater Save Me?

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


We work with different types of water heaters when it comes to new installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. The majority of homes still use storage tank water heaters, but the tankless and heat pump water heater are becoming more common because they can help a household save money on energy bills. A heat pump water heater is a highly attractive option for a home that doesn’t have a gas line, since it uses much less energy than a conventional electric water heater.

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Why Do I Need to Hire a Plumber for Gas Piping?

Monday, September 11th, 2017

gas-burners“Gas pipes” are not what most people think of first when they think of professional plumbing. “Plumbers” are people who work with pipes that carry water and sewage, as well as do installation and repair jobs for faucets, sinks, garbage disposals, sewer lines, etc. All parts of the freshwater and wastewater system of a home or commercial building.

But natural gas pipes are an important part of the services many professional plumbers offer. Not all, but if you are looking for a plumber in Santa Ana, CA or elsewhere in Southern California to take care of the gas piping for your home or business, you can depend on us. We’re a full-service plumbing company that can handle jobs big and small.

The Reason You Need Professionals for Gas Pipe Service

There’s a lot in common in the piping for a plumbing system (i.e. freshwater and wastewater) and the piping that carries natural gas. For example, the pipes are made from similar materials: galvanized steel, copper, and plastic. The majority of natural gas piping is made from copper because of its corrosion resistance and light weight. Gas plumbers use plastic pipes for some specific uses, such as flexible piping for small areas and narrow gas lines. A well-trained plumber knows that it’s vital to make sure gas piping has the same attention as other types of piping so there are no threats of leaks.

In fact, in most jurisdictions, it’s illegal for anyone to work on a pipe or appliance connected to a gas main unless they have a special license to do so. Not only are professional gas plumbers the only people with the skill to do the job, they are the only people who are allowed to do the job. There’s good reason for this limitation! Leaking gas lines are tremendous health hazards. Make sure you stay safe and see that properly licensed professional plumbers handle all your gas piping services.

Are You Looking to Expand Natural Gas Use?

Our gas plumbers do many repair jobs, but they’re also available to assist with new gas line installation. If your home or business could benefit from expanding how much it uses natural gas, talk to our plumbers to find out what we can do to put in more gas lines for new appliances. For example, you may be interested in a larger, more powerful commercial water heater for your building. If so, the new unit might require a larger gas line installation; we can do the job for you! (And we can install the commercial water heater as well.)

For your home, you may be considering changing out an old electric clothes dryer for a gas-powered one—a much more powerful unit, and also less expensive to run. To have the new gas lines put in to run the laundry machine, you’ll also want our professionals to do the work.

We encourage both homes and businesses to look into ways to increase their use of natural gas, which is a clean-burning, inexpensive fuel that’s domestically produced and readily available.

Sweetwater Plumbing serves Southern California. We are always open for business!

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A Few Troubles You May Experience with a Tankless Water Heater

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

tankles-water-heater-repairWe’re big proponents of tankless water heaters in Santa Ana, CA—really, for any place we service in Southern California! But even though tankless water heaters are less prone to repair issues and breakdowns, they can suffer from some specific issues that may require you give our team a call to look into it. Below are a few of the more common tankless water heater issues.

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