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Why You Should Never Hire Unlicensed Plumbers

wrenchesNo matter if you have a basic plumbing repair you need for your house or you’re looking for service on the plumbing installations in your commercial facility, the best people to turn to are those offering cut-rate prices and who have no professional credentials!

Did that sound right? Of course it didn’t. But it’s surprising how many homeowners and business owners turn to unlicensed plumbers to do important work. If you need plumbing in Santa Ana, CA, you have a great licensed team only a phone call away to help you any time of the day or night: Sweetwater Plumbing. (CA License # 889182) And if you still feel tempted to call “that guy your brother-in-law knows” for your plumbing services, we have some excellent reasons why you should never go near unlicensed plumbers.

Unlicensed means no insurance

One of the requirements for licensing in the State of California as a plumbing contractor is having sufficient insurance to cover damage and injuries during a job. A plumber who doesn’t have insurance is a serious liability on your property. If a plumber is injured on the job or causes damage to the property, you will end up liable for the costs! You may also be liable for injuries your guests suffer because of bad plumbing work (such as a mistake with a water heater that ends up scalding somebody in the shower). With licensed plumbers, you are protected.

Unlicensed means not up to code

This is particularly important for commercial plumbing. Any repairs, installations, replacements, or maintenance service done on plumbing must be handled by licensed plumbers or else the finished job will not be up to code. You may have to shut down your business if inspections find plumbing work done by amateurs. This can be bad for homeowners as well, since they have to pay to fix the unlicensed work to meet residential building codes—and these fixes can get expensive. Any licensed professional plumber can tell horror stories about the messes they’ve had to fix that an amateur created.

Unlicensed means shoddy work

Is it possible for a plumber who doesn’t have a license to perform quality work? Sure, it’s possible. It’s just highly unlikely. If a plumber has the right skill and training, there is no excuse for them not to become licensed. A plumbing contractor with licensing means the plumbers have gone through proper training to be considered actual professionals—people who can be insured. An unlicensed plumber is likely to leave a home or business with a subpar job that will create future troubles.

Unlicensed means shortcuts

This is connected to the above, but we want to shine a light on it because amateurs will often claim they can get work done fast. Any professional plumber can complete work on time, sometimes sooner, but they never sacrifice quality for speed. Unlicensed plumbers often take shortcuts to get a job done as fast as possible so they can cram in as many jobs as they can to make money. Those shortcuts will soon come back to haunt the plumbing!

Sweetwater Plumbing is always open for business. Call us for quality residential and commercial plumbing throughout Southern California.

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