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Why Chemical Cleaners Aren’t a Substitute for Professional Drain Unclogging


Ever see a commercial for a popular chemical cleaner where they make it look like the end-all solution to your drain’s problems? They pitch a convincing show, but there’s so much that every homeowner should know about chemical cleaners.

If you have a clogged drain in Ontario, CA, the promise of an $8 purchase from your local shop is definitely more attractive than spending money on a professional to come out to your home and unclog your drain.

As most of us know, cheaper rarely means better. We’re going to break down the three main reasons that you shouldn’t use chemical cleaners in your drains.

There’s No Pressure or Force

What happens when you pour a bit of soap on stuck-on food on your dishes? It may help lift some of it, but it doesn’t clear everything off. You apply pressure with a sponge and remove it.

When a professional uses an auger (drain snake) to remove debris in your drains, it gently scrapes against the inside of your pipes to remove debris. When it reaches a clog, the auger attaches to it so you can pull it out.

This is far superior to chemicals, which may dissolve small clogs, but they don’t remove everything in your drain. It’s a temporary solution that doesn’t offer the same impact as professional drain cleaning.

Chemicals Can Damage Your Drain

If you see a big sticker on the bottle of drain cleaner at the store that says “Safe for Drains,” it’s unfortunately not true. Some are corrosive, but those that aren’t will still produce a heat reaction.

The chemical reaction uses heat to melt away clogs in the line. That heat can not only melt PVC pipes, but it can cause metal pipes to warp. It doesn’t matter what kind of piping you have; it isn’t safe against chemical cleaners.

They’re a Band-Aid, They Don’t Solve the Root Problem

Clogs mostly occur from buildup over time. While a chemical cleaner may help your drain begin draining again (at the cost of pipe damage), it doesn’t melt away all your troubles.

Debris will still be stuck on the sides of your pipes, which can only be fully removed by professional drain cleaning. Those who use chemical cleaners end up needing more before they know it because the root problem hasn’t been solved.

While it can be tempting in lieu of professional services, you don’t want to bring the downsides of chemical cleaners into your drains. It’s not worth it.

Nothing Works Quite Like Professional Drain Cleaning

Chemical cleaners are an attractive choice, but they’re far from a solution. They can cause more damage to your pipes, so don’t take the risk of a cheap fix.

Professional drain cleaning solves the problem by producing a clear and critical solution to your drainage issues. We have the tools, know-how, and capability to clear your drains better than a chemical cleaner ever could.

Contact Sweetwater Plumbing today to schedule your professional drain unclogging. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job!

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