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Why Is My Ceiling Leaking?

question-mark-badgeWater leaking from the ceiling of a house typically means the roof is damaged. Or at least it does in most parts of the country. But here in Southern California, where rain is uncommon, the sight of water dripping from the ceiling usually happens when there’s no rainfall on the roof. The dripping water comes slowly from a spot on the ceiling where there’s a growing spot of discoloration. This is a sign of a leaky pipe in the plumbing.

If you notice this happening, don’t delay at getting it fixed. Leaking pipes are a problem requiring a professional plumber in Corona, CA or wherever you live in Southern California. Don’t turn to amateurs, and don’t attempt to fix the problem on your own.

The Leak Location

The most likely spot in your home where you’ll notice a ceiling leak is below one of the bathrooms. There are water pipes moving through the floors in many parts of your home, but bathrooms contain the largest concentration of plumbing of any spot. Even the kitchen can’t compete. Not only does the bathroom contain more pipes, it also contains large, heavy fixtures: the sink, the shower/bathtub, and the toilet. Leaks in any of these can start to drip down through the floor and the drywall of the ceiling.

The sight of staining on the ceiling, even without water dripping, is also a warning you have leaking plumbing in the bathroom. This staining is water eating through the drywall. The mold and mildew from standing water rapidly chews through the drywall, and if you aren’t seeing leaking now, you will soon.

The Dangers of a Water Leak in the Ceiling

We strongly advise you have the leak or staining investigated ASAP. It’s true that a water leak is annoying and the stains looks ugly. But there are bigger problems here.

A water leak below the bathroom will create wood rot that weakens the flooring. With so many heavy appliances directly above, this creates a danger of one of them falling through the floor. Even if this seems like a distant concern, the longer the water leak continues, the more water damage your house will suffer. Water damage restoration is a large task and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to undo damages you can prevent with quick action.

Professional Leak Detection and Repairs

For professional plumbers to fix a leak in the bathroom plumbing that’s coming through the ceiling, they first have to pinpoint the leaks exact location so they know how to approach it. The easiest possibility is a leak that can be approached through the ceiling. This is the least invasive way to repair the pipe and doesn’t involve pulling up bathroom fixtures. The plumber can have the pipe repaired or replaced, seal up the section of the ceiling, and spackle it so it looks new.

In some circumstances—and this is true most often of older homes—more extensive pipe replacements might be necessary. Putting in new copper and plastic pipes will help avoid much more serious leaking in the future.

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