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What Video Pipe Inspection Can Do for You

leaking-pipeMany of us who work at Sweetwater have been in the plumbing industry for decades, so we can tell you a bit about the “bad old days” of plumbing technology. When handling repairs for leaks or trying to diagnose drain and sewer clogging issues, a lot of guesswork was required. It was informed guesswork (at least if you had a trained and licensed plumber), but there was still no way a plumber could get a look inside the plumbing to make an actual visual inspection that could remove the need for guessing.

That time is behind us now—because we have video pipe inspection equipment. These tools consist of miniaturized digital cameras and LED lights mounted on long fiber optic cables. Our plumbers send these cameras down drains and clean-outs to investigate pipes from the inside and see the images transmitted back to a monitor.

Video Pipe Inspection at Work

There are many ways we can put this equipment to work on improving your plumbing.

  • Faster repairs: Once the video camera has given our plumbers a clear look at the problem, such as where a leak is located, they can finish the job much quicker because they don’t need to guess.
  • Accurate repairs: Trial-and-error was once the way to handle most plumbing repairs. Video pipe inspections let plumbers know exactly what repair service and tools they should use.
  • Double-check on repairs: Once a plumber repair job is finished, plumbers can use the camera to check on their work. They can also record it to show to you later so you know the proper work was done.
  • Find lost objects: If a previous item goes down the drains, plumbers can use video equipment to locate where it is so they can retrieve it with greater ease.
  • New home inspections: Video pipe inspections don’t have to be used only for repairs. They are useful if you’re buying a new house and want to know the condition of the plumbing. Call on our plumbers to help out with a closer look at the pipes.
  • Detecting pipe layouts: This is beneficial if you want to do remodeling for your house. Plumbers can get a quick layout of the existing pipes if you don’t have a blueprint.

Get to the Heart of the Problem—And Have It Fixed

The simplest way of explaining why video pipe inspection equipment is so beneficial is that it cuts out uncertainty. Our plumbers will know what to do, where to do it, and how to do it. We can even show you on the monitor exactly what’s going on in your plumbing. You’ll appreciate being informed about what we’re doing to your home’s plumbing.

Video pipe inspections are only one of the many advanced tools we use for plumbing in Pomona, CA. We work on both residential and commercial plumbing systems, and we use equipment such as hydro-jetters and trenchless technology to perform jobs that are both fast and accurate. You can reach out to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any plumbing job.

Call on Sweetwater Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. We Are Always Open for Business!

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