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What Type of Water Heater Will Save Me the Most Money?

  • water-heater-modelQ: What type of water heater should I get to have the best money savings?
  • A: The right type of water heater.

We know that answer sounds like we’re being flippant, but it is the correct answer. There is no single type of water heater that is a guaranteed money-saver for a house because every household is different. A tankless water heater with a high efficiency rating may sound like a sure thing for cutting down on energy bills, but it might end up doing a bad job at actually delivering the hot water the household needs end have to be replaced early. That’s hardly saving money!

  • Q: So how do I find the right type of water heater?
  • A: Work with a professional plumber.

Thankfully, the answer to this question is straightforward. A new water heater installation must be handled by a plumbing professional, so you might as well involve the professionals from the start to select the ideal new water heater for your needs. A water heater must first be able to handle the hot water demands of your household, or else it’s not much good. Professionals can size the system (determining volume of hot water, flow rate, etc.) so your household will rarely run out of hot water or experience a drop in efficiency because of hot water demand. The pro plumbers then look for models that will cut down on your heating costs, but also make sure the model won’t be prohibitively expensive.

  • Q: Aren’t tankless water heaters always a great choice for energy savings?
  • A: Not necessarily.

Tankless water heaters offer great advantages: they use less energy than storage tank water heaters, take up little space, and have long service lives. They also heat up water as it’s needed, which means they technically can’t run out of hot water. However, if multiple taps are on at one time, the tankless water heater can be overwhelmed with demand and start draining too much power. It may be necessary to have more than tankless system installed, and that might be too expensive.

  • Q: What about a heat pump water heater?
  • A: It’s definitely a good option for a home without natural gas.

The heat pump water heater is ideally suited for a house without a natural gas connection. Gas-powered tank and tankless water heaters are powerful and less expensive to run than a standard electric water heater. If you don’t have the option for a gas powered system, however, we recommend giving a heat pump water heater serious consideration. They’re well-suited to the California climate. (But always rely on the advice of the professional plumber.)

If you are planning for the installation of a new water heater in Santa Ana, CA, you can trust to our experience. We install and service storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, and heat pump water heaters. Our licensed plumbers will determine the water heater type that fits your budget, do the best job at providing the hot water you need, and maximize savings over its service life.

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