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What to Do When Your Toilet Overflows

Very few plumbing emergencies trigger such immediate responses of panic than an overflowing toilet. And unfortunately, it’s one of the more common household plumbing problems. However, it doesn’t have to ruin your bathroom: there are steps you can take to stop it—and to clean it up afterwards. Let’s go through some steps for what to do the next time this happens in your house.

First, shut off the valve on the feed line

The feed line is the tube that comes from the wall and brings in fresh water. There should be a valve on this line which you can use to shut off the water flow, and this will immediately stop the overflowing. If you have an older toilet that doesn’t have a valve, what you should do is remove the top of the bowl and prop up the chain to stop the water flow.

Soak up the water

Get a bunch of towels and place them around the base of the toilet to absorb the water, as well as to catch more water that may still flow out.

Attempt to clear the toilet with a plunger or auger

The problem may or may not be a clog. Use a plunger or auger (or both if you have them) to see if this causes the water level in the bowl to drop. Do not use chemical drain cleaners!

Contact a professional plumber

This is the point where you should call for a professional plumber—make sure you have the number of a 24-hour plumber who can reach you as soon as possible.

Water damage remediation

Unfortunately, there are times when you can’t avoid some level of water damage in the bathroom. This must be handled by professional: water damage, especially water that contains waste material, isn’t something you can just “mop up.” Ask your plumber if water damage remediation measures are necessary.

For fixing your toilet—as well as water damage remediation—you can rely on Sweetwater Plumbing! We serve Riverside, CA, and throughout Southern California, and we’re always open for business.

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