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What To Do When You Have a Water-less Tap

kitchen-sink-faucetThe dishes are piling up in the kitchen sink but not because no one has tried to take care of them. It is actually because the sink hasn’t been working–there’s no water! You’ve checked for a leak under the sink but you can’t seem to find anything. So what is causing the problem?

There could be a few different culprits giving you a problem with your taps. While some have a somewhat easy fix, there are others that will require services provided by plumbers in Ontario, CA.

Before you reach for the phone, let’s go over what might be hindering the water flow to and from your taps and how this can influence how you handle the issue.


Here are a small series of checks that you can do to figure out why you have a tap that isn’t working properly.

#1. Check your other taps

Your first step should definitely be to check on your other taps in your home. If you only have one tap that isn’t working, there may be an issue such as silt in the aerator. You may also want to check the stopcock for the tap that isn’t working to make sure it is open. If none of your taps are working however, this is a whole other issue.

#2. Check with your neighbors

If you have multiple stopped taps, your next step should be to check in and see if your neighbors are experiencing the same issue that you are having. If it turns out that you are one of many who are dealing with a lack of water, it is likely because of a municipal water supply problem. You may want to try reaching out to your municipal water department to see what is going on and when the issue may be resolved.

#3. Check your water main

Do you know where your water main is located? If you don’t, now may be the time to find out (It is usually set up next to your water meter). Another check you should do is to check to make sure your water main is open or not. It may have shut off if it sensed an emergency and gotten stuck. Check the control panel to see if the shut-off valve is activated–this could your culprit!

A word of advice though, you may want to do a scan for leaks before opening the valve again

#4. Check when a plumber can come by

Last and most certainly not least, you should check in with your local Sweetwater Plumbing professional to see when they  can come by for a visit. A professional plumber can schedule a service and will be able to identify what the problem may be and address it, along with any other issues that may be causing the problem. Just make sure you only schedule your plumbing service with a professional.

The team at Sweetwater Plumbing is trained and certified to be the experts when it comes to servicing your home plumbing. Don’t run the risk of having an issue go undetected or letting your comfort be affected, work with the pros on our team to get the issue resolved the first time.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Contact Sweetwater Plumbing today.

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