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Watch For These 3 Signs of a Leak

leak-in-pipeNo one is ever happy to discover they have a leak in their home. Leaks are issues that are going to throw off your whole day, if not your whole week. This is why it is always best to get them taken care of properly. Of course, that means you need to be able to identify if and when you have a leak. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t always know what to look for when trying to determine if they have this issue in their home. Thankfully our professional team is here to help.

For one thing, we can give you some pointers on the warning signs that indicate the presence of a leak. From there, we can provide the repairs you need to fix up your leaking plumbing in San Bernardino.

3 Warning Signs That Tell You There is a Leak in Your Home

When it comes to dealing with a leak in your home, time is always an important factor. Catching a leak early on can mean preventing major water damage to your home and even saving yourself from worsening leaks in the long run. The problem is, they aren’t always obvious…or visible. Here are the warning signs to check for that will tell you when to reach out to a professional to check things out:

  1. Weak water pressure: A reduction in the water pressure from one of your faucets for showers may indicate a leak in the pipe leading to that appliance. If you are starting to notice one or more appliances in your home have weaker water pressure then it is time to have a plumber come over and check things out.
  2. The sound of running water: When no one is using any of the plumbing appliances in your home do you hear the sound of running water? Water usually isn’t moving through your pipes on its own without reason. The sound of running water in your walls without a cause is likely a sign of trouble.
  3. An over-active water meter: Take a moment to go check on your water meter. As long as no one is using any faucet or flushing a toilet that water meter really shouldn’t be moving. Are you noticing that, instead, it looks like someone has left the bathroom sink running? If so, then there is a chance you have a leak in the home!

Think You Have a Leak? Let Us Take a Look

If you are noticing some of the warning signs above and you think that there may be a leak in your home it is best to reach out to a professional for confirmation. Our team is proud to provide both water leak detection and slab leak detection. With these services, we can figure out if you have a leak and where it is. From there we can provide the repairs necessary to patch things up. All you need to do is reach out and let us take care of the rest.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Contact Sweetwater Plumbing to schedule a visit from a professional.

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