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Here Are Warnings You’re About to Have Drain Problems

plumber-under-sinkA clogged drain in your home—now that’s no fun. Sometimes you can clear out a clog using a handy sink or toilet plunger. Other times a basic hand-cranked drain snake can take care of it. (Never use chemical drain cleaners; they can damage drainpipes.) However, if neither of these solutions solves the stopped up drain, or the clog continues to come back, call for Santa Ana, CA drain cleaning with our plumbers and we’ll see you have your drains restored.

But we’d like to give you some help before­ you start to have drain problems in your home. A minor clog can sneak up on you, but bigger drainage concerns—the kind requiring help from professional plumbers—often provide you with warning signs. Here are a few to look for so you know to call for drain cleaning in time to stop major troubles.

Drains are slow

If you find yourself standing in a shallow pool of water at the end of your shower, you’ve got a slow drain. Or when your washing dishes in the sink and the dirty water keeps building up—another sign of a slow drain. You shouldn’t ignore these small inconveniences, because soon you’ll have a completely clogged drain. Plungers and drain snakes aren’t much good in these cases: it takes hydro-jetting and other professional techniques to clear out the buildup of soap scum, food particles, fast, etc.

Bad odors from the drains

When a single drain in the house starts to emit a sewer smell, the problem may be as simple as a dried p-trap in a sink that isn’t used often. Run some water down the drain and see if this takes care of the smell. However, if these odors are coming from multiple drains, there’s trouble deeper down in the drainage system. You may have stopped up drain vents, tree roots in the sewer line, or even a broken sewer line. Call for plumbing repairs as soon as possible, before you end up with sewage back-up.

Gurgling drains

You run water down a drain, and then after you turn off the water, you hear a gurgling sound. Don’t dismiss this, because it often means there’s blockage down in the drain releasing sewer gas through the water collected on top of it. If the drain isn’t clogged, it soon will be. When this problem occurs in multiple drains, you may have a sewer line issue in need of urgent attention.

Strange behavior in one drain when you use another fixture

Has this ever happened to you: you flush the toilet in the bathroom, and water comes up through the drain in the shower? This is one example of odd behavior from drains when using a fixture. You may also see this occur in a kitchen sink drain when you run the dishwasher, or a laundry sink drain when you have the washing machine running. This odd activity is a warning of a clog down in the sewer line—and it’s going to worsen soon unless professionals deal with it.

Sweetwater Plumbing is always open for business, so never hesitate to reach out to us to solve your home or commercial drainage problems.

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