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Update Your Home With Water-Saving Appliances

imagining-bathroom-upgradesIt doesn’t matter if it is the middle of summer or the middle of winter, water savings is always a topic for discussion when you are in California. This isn’t just because our state is often struggling with drought–it is also due to the fact that saving water often coincides with saving energy and money. Who doesn’t want that?

It is important to remember that, when you are going through the process of bathroom remodeling in Ontario, CA, you have the perfect opportunity to upgrade your appliances and save gallons. As long as you reach out for help from professionals like the ones at Sweetwater Plumbing, you will be kicking off the new year with some great savings.

4 Water-Saving Options to Consider With Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is a great way to get a bathroom that looks the way you want and functions well too. Make sure to keep these options in mind so you can have a beautiful and eco-friendly bathroom once everything is said and done.

  1. Invest in low-flow faucets: Whether you are looking for something that is stainless steel or brushed metal, make sure your next bathroom faucet is going to look and function nicely. According to the U.S. EPA’s Watersense program, low-flow faucets can help to save about 700 gallons a year, reducing your use by up to 30%.
  2. Consider a low-flow toilet: Did you know that a standard toilet uses up to 1.6 gallons per flush? Switching over to a low-flow toilet can reduce that to 1.2 gallons per flush. This may not seem like a lot but it adds up quickly–about2,000 gallons a year. What’s more, if you are upgrading an older toilet that was prone to leaks, you are saving even more water!
  3. Upgrade pipes that are worn or leaking: Speaking of leaks, even small leaks are going to cause you problems. that is why a bathroom remodel is the perfect time to check on your pipes and drains to make sure they are in good condition. If your plumbing professional finds any pipes that are leaking, it is a great idea to replace those pipes to save time, money, and water in the future.
  4. Try a low-flow showerhead: Last but not least, don’t forget the shower! Your showerhead needs to be efficient with its water use too. A low-flow showerhead can save you gallons (over 2,000 of them per year) without sacrificing any of the comfort of your regular showers. If you want to go even further, you can invest in an option that offers adjustable flow which lets you reduce your use even more (think turning down the water flow a bit when you shave).

Saving water, energy, and money is always going to be a great idea, especially around here. With these appliance options and the skills provided by a professional plumber, you can get the most out of your next bathroom remodel.

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