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A Few Troubles You May Experience with a Tankless Water Heater

tankles-water-heater-repairWe’re big proponents of tankless water heaters in Santa Ana, CA—really, for any place we service in Southern California! But even though tankless water heaters are less prone to repair issues and breakdowns, they can suffer from some specific issues that may require you give our team a call to look into it. Below are a few of the more common tankless water heater issues.

Too much demand

A tankless water heater offers “limitless” hot water because the system will always heat up more water on demand as it’s required. But a tankless water heater can still suffer from a demand overload when there are multiple taps or appliances on at once requesting hot water. If youre encountering a tankless system thats struggling to match your household needs, you may wish to consider installing a second tankless water heater. In some cases, you may need to upgrade the natural gas line.


Weve mentioned this in passing in a post about corrosion affecting tank water heaters. Because tankless systems dont store water in constant contact with metal, there’s less opportunity for corrosion to start. But if leaks occur, water dripping down on the burners can lead to rust starting, interfering with the effectiveness of the gas burners.

Mineral build-up

Hard water is a common trouble in many homes, and the build-up of calcium from hard water is a major threat to a tankless water heater. The build-up decreases the efficiency of the system and can lead to the system needed to be replaced prematurely. This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend arranging for regular maintenance for your water heater to keep away scale problems and deal with them as soon as they emerge.

Combustion issues

A tankless water heater must be installed carefully to allow it to vent properly. Otherwise, the computer system of the tankless water heater will shut it down. Always leave installation of this (or any other gas-powered) system to licensed professionals.

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