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Toilet Replacement: 4 Ways to Tell When It’s Time

toilet-with-button-flushA toilet that doesn’t work is one of the most unpleasant, and messiest, problems a home plumbing system can face. It pays to keep a close watch for signs your home’s toilet need repairs from licensed plumbers. Earlier in the year, we wrote a post of ways you can tell it’s time to contact our plumbers to fix your toilet before things go really bad.

In this post, we’re moving past repairs and into actually putting in a whole new toilet for the bathroom. At some point, it’s better to have an old, inefficient, and repair-prone toilet torn out and new one installed. We can help answer all your questions about bathroom plumbing in Santa Ana, CA or elsewhere in Southern California, from fast repairs to a toilet replacement.

#1. Clogging Is Happening All the Time

People usually think of toilet clogs as happening because something got stuck down in the drainpipes, such as sanitary wipes, diapers, or large objects knocked down them accidentally. But continual clogging is something that often occurs in aging toilets because they can no longer provide powerful enough flushing. If you find you need to use a plunger a few times a week just to get the toilet working, it’s probably time to have a new toilet put in.

#2. The Toilet Is a Water Waster

Modern toilets, even ones that aren’t specifically marked as “low flow” with the WaterSense label, use fewer gallons per flush than older ones. If you have a toilet that was installed before the mid-1990s, it may use around 3½ gallons per flush—or even up to 6 if it’s older! Newer toilets use less water, and special low-flow toilets can use as little as 1.6 gallons per flush. Look at your water bills and consider how much of it goes to the toilet, then decide how much less you could be paying with a new installation. You’ll help the environment as well!

#3. The Toilet Has Cracks or Chips

When you toilet starts to leak water, even a small amount, examine it carefully to see if there’s cracking or chipping along the porcelain. If you do find cracks, call our plumbers to look into the situation closer. (You should call our plumbers no matter what to see why the toilet is leaking.) Sometimes the toilet can be fixed, but for an older toilet, it may need to be replaced.

#4. Repairs Are Becoming Too Frequent

This rule holds true for almost any appliance: if it needs repairs on a regular basis, it’s more cost-effective to have it replaced. It will also help you avoid the appliance breaking down abruptly. If you’re making close friends with our plumbers because they’re often over at your house fixing the toilet and you’re starting to think of adding them to your holiday shopping list… then it’s time to call them to install a new toilet instead. Hey, we’re happy to form great relationships with our customers, but we also want them to be happy with their plumbing!

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