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Tips For Handling Water Damage

mopping-up-water-burst-pipeA leaking pipe is already a big enough problem in your home. When you pair that leak with water damage, the situation gets a lot worse. Water damage is many a homeowner’s worst nightmare. That is why we offer water damage repair in Ontario, CA. We want to make sure you have a reliable go-to resource when you are dealing with a situation like this.

If you have a leaking pipe or a burst one or even flooding from a backed-up drain that has caused water damage in your home, don’t panic. The team of plumbers at Sweetwater Plumbing can help you handle this problem.

Best Practices for Handling Leaks and Water Damage

Dealing with a leak and home water damage is stressful enough. Let us help you get through it. Our professional plumbers have the ability to stop the source of the problem and safely and effectively address the damage in your house. Here are some best practices to keep in mind if you are dealing with puddles around your home right now.

1. Schedule plumbing repairs to solve the source of the damage.

First things first, if you have a problem with water damage in your home you need to stop the source of the problem first. For example, a leaking pipe should be found and repaired or replaced using our leak detection and repair services. Similarly, a clogged drain or sewer lines should be cleared. There is no point in fixing water damage before the source of the issue is take down first.

2. Address any built-up water sitting in your home.

Do you have standing puddles around the house? Or maybe you have a sink or a bathtub that is filled up and overflowing. Whatever and wherever it is, you don’t want to leave standing water around your home. Make a call to a plumber for help first and make sure there is no mold or mildew in the water before tackling it with blankets and/or buckets. Getting rid of that standing water can help reduce the severity of damage in your home.

3. Make sure you get water damage restoration ASAP.

Hopefully, you picked up the phone the instant the problem started but, if you haven’t already, reach out to us for help! You can’t fix major water damage in your home without the help of a professional. It could be harmful to your home’s plumbing and your health if you aren’t careful. Our water damage restoration services will help to determine the severity of the issue and address it properly. You want these professional services because it will solve the problem effectively and will take care of more dangerous problems like black mold growth.

Services by Sweetwater Plumbing

Overall most people want to avoid water damage altogether. We can help with that. We can deal with water damage with it happens but our services like leak detection, drain and sewer services, and other helpful services can prevent all that water from going where it doesn’t belong.

Contact Sweetwater Plumbing for service today. We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! 

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