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How to Tell It’s Time to Replace a Bathroom Toilet

toilet-with-button-flushThere is no such thing as “the last pair of shoes you’ll ever need to buy.” Nothing that receives use is durable enough to last forever—and this absolutely includes the major plumbing fixtures in your home.

Which brings us to the bathroom toilet. One of the most important functional items in a home, and one people often assume will just last for as long as they live in their house. But a toilet will wear down, develop numerous problems, waste water, and eventually need to be replaced. We’d like to help you to identify when your bathroom needs a new toilet. To get this job done, or any other plumbing in Riverside, CA you require, call us: we’re open all day, every day!

High water bills

You may have a toilet that is functioning fine, but it’s an older model that wastes a tremendous amount of water. If you have a toilet more than 20 years old, it could be using 6 gallons of water per flush. When you consider that bathroom toilets use more water than any other indoor appliance (including showers), this adds up to large water waste. A standard new toilet uses less than 3 gallons per flush. But we recommend you invest in a special low-flow model, which uses around 1.3 gallons per flush—a more than 50% decrease compared to even a newer toilet.

Clogging is becoming common

Nobody wants to deal with a backed-up toilet, but it will happen from time to time. If “time-to-time” has turned so frequent that you have the toilet plunger always in reach, the toilet may be ready for the junkheap. The new toilet will create far less inconveniences.

Cracked porcelain

Cracks along the porcelain of the bowl or the tank might not create immediate leaks, but they will eventually. Tiny cracks may be filled in, but larger ones mean it’s time to put in a new toilet—before you have problems with flooding and damage to the flooring.

Steep repair costs

We always advise calling for repairs when a toilet has trouble before making a choice to have it replaced. Often, repairs can rescue the toilet and you won’t have to invest (yet) in a new one. But too steep a repair price can make it more cost-effective to replace the toilet. But what is “too steep”? A good rule of thumb—and this applies to many different home appliances—is that you shouldn’t pay for a repair that is more than half the cost of installing a new unit. Also consider how often you’ve needed to have the toilet repaired over the last few years. Is this an annual event? Or more often than annual? New installation time!

When you call on the plumbers at Sweetwater Plumbing, you’ll receive an honest assessment about the issue with your bathroom plumbing. Our plumbers can help you make the choice about whether to continue with repairs or arrange to put in a new unit. They’ll also help you decide on whether to have a low-flow unit put in. Your needs come first, always!

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