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The Stages of a Drain Clog

water-down-drainDrains don’t always just stop up at any sudden moment. The truth is, it takes time to actually collect enough build-up in your drain to fully stop it up. It also stands to reason that you’d probably like to avoid getting to that stage. Thankfully there are some stages that you’ll notice before your drain completely backs up and there is a way to prevent it from completely clogging.

Even in the early stages of the creation of a drain clog, you will want to address the issues ASAP. Letting it worsen will just increase the time and effort it takes to get your drain cleared again. This is when having a good resource for drain cleaning in Ontario comes in handy

Stage One: A Bit of Build-Up

At this stage, most people won’t notice much difference in their drain. Maybe there is the occasional odd gurgle from the drain but the build-up that is present hasn’t collected enough to really hinder the water flow. Hopefully, with good practices and a regular drain cleaning appointment, you can prevent your drains from ever getting worse than this.

Stage Two: Slower Draining and Strange Noises

At this point, you will start to notice some problems with your drain. It might be slowing down its ability to drain water. It may also start to create some seriously odd sounds like sucking or gurgling as the water drains. You may even notice some bubbles! This is when the build-up in the drain has started to become a bigger hindrance and it is an ideal time to reach out for drain cleaning before things get worse. Trust us, that bottle of chemical drain cleaner won’t help here.

Stage Three: Standing Water

You are doing the dishes or washing your hands and you notice that the water just isn’t draining down the sink like it is meant to. You wait a few minutes and the drain finally gets rid of the water. You start up your dishes or other tasks again and discover the same problem reoccurs! This means that you have some serious build-up that needs to be removed from your drain ASAP.

Stage Four: Your Sink Has Become a Bucket

At this stage, you have real problems. Your sink in your kitchen or bathroom has simply stopped draining–no movement no matter how long you wait. Once again, we urge you not to reach for that chemical drain cleaner because it won’t help. Instead, reach out to a professional plumber to clear the clog property without damaging your pipes. If you have more than one drain that is completely backed up, you may need help with sewer line cleaning instead.

Whatever stage you are at, drain cleaning provided by a professional plumber will be helpful. The plumbers at Sweetwater Plumbing has the tools and the knowledge that will allow them to clear out those drain clogs so your drains flow freely again. We can even use hydro jets to ensure that your pipes are clean enough to prevent these issues from popping up again anytime soon.

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