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Spring Plumbing Help: You May Need It More Than Ever This Year!

Tools_tools_houseFebruary was a harsh month for Southern California as a major rainstorm swept through the region. The amount of damage was immense and emergency services were kept busy around the clock helping to rescue people trapped on the roads and to fix downed power lines.

We addressed some of the plumbing concerns that your house may have encountered in the wake of the heavy storms a few weeks ago, plus advice on what to do about them. Today we’re following up with recommendations for checking on your plumbing before the official start of spring. We advise homeowners to make these checks every year, but it is especially important this March because of how cruel February was. Southern California plumbing systems aren’t used to this level of abuse from Mother Nature! If you need professional plumbing in Fullerton, CA or elsewhere, contact us. We are ready 24/7 to help with all your plumbing needs.

If you have a sump pump, test it!

Sump pumps are not as common here in Southern California as they are in the Midwest and the East Coast. But this recent storm shows that sump pumps definitely have a purpose! Flooding in the crawlspace under a home can lead to extensive water damage and an increase in mildew. If your sump pump had to turn on during February, make sure that it is still capable of working in the aftermath. Pour water into the sump (the pit where water collects) to see if the pump turns on automatically. If the pump won’t work or it drains the sump too slowly, we can either repair it or replace it.

Check outside plumbing for debris and damage

Look over your gutters and downspouts and storm drains outside the house. Remove leaves, gravel, and other debris that might have collected in these spots. Also, keep a look out for indications of bent and broken gutters and the development of corrosion.

Arrange for professional drain cleaning

Professional drain cleaning is a job that we recommend all our customers arrange for once a year as a precaution and to prevent future clogging. Often people have drain cleaning done during the fall, but this year we advise getting a jump on the service and having it done in early spring. This is especially important for floor drains, which may have picked up debris during the rain. Our plumbers use the best in drain cleaning equipment to restore drains after flooding.

Inspect the water heater

This is a part of the plumbing that shouldn’t be affected by heavy storms. However, it’s such a vital component for your day to day life in your home that it’s a smart idea to check it for leaks and other problems after a hard winter at work. Look for water pooling around the base that warn of leaking. At the first sign of leaks, call our water heater repair professionals to fix any problems.

If there are no emergencies for your plumbing, take the time in the spring to schedule any major installation or replacement jobs you’ve been planning on doing at some point, such as putting in a new toilet, water-saving fixtures, or a replacement water heater.

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