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Save Water With These Bathroom Upgrades

bathtimeYour home should be a haven for you to enjoy and relax in. Within your home, your bathroom can also be a place that is especially relaxing. Your bathroom is also someplace that accounts for a  large majority of your water usage. From flushing the toilet to showering to brushing your teeth, there is a lot of water that is used in this part of the house. So how do you keep your usage to a minimum?

Thankfully, we don’t just live in an era that provides us with effective hot water heaters. We also live in an era that actively looks for ways to save! There are multiple new bathroom appliances and systems that can help you save water and money.

If you are about to leap into bathroom remodeling in Ontario, CA make sure to check out these water (and cash) saving upgrades!

Check out a low-flow sink or showerhead

Don’t let the name fool you. Low-flow sinks don’t cut back your water pressure to a trickle. What they do it change how your water is distributed. The long and short of it ends up being that you still have effective water pressure but end up using way less water in the long run. The same applies to low-flow showerheads too!

Consider a toilet upgrade

Older toilets flush several gallons of water per flush. What’s more, they are far more prone to leaking components. These inefficient models are ready to retire! If your toilet is 10-15 years old, consider an upgrade! New toilets only use a couple of gallons per flush which can cut back your water usage by more than half!

Check out your pipes

How old are your pipes? Are you battling with leaks in your pipes? If so, have a professional check out your bathroom’s pipes. Repairing or replacing leaking pipes is a great way to save gallons of water every single day!

Look at upgrades to help your whole plumbing system.

Your bathroom remodel may get you thinking about making some other water-friendly changes to your home. For example, upgrading to a tankless water heater can help you save gallons a year on hot water–not to mention you save a lot on energy costs too. Perhaps you want to install a water treatment system to help your new appliances last longer too. These are all great ways to improve your plumbing system and save in the long run.

For any plumbing change, talk to a pro

There is more than one way to upgrade your home during your next remodel. You can even just change one appliance at a time if you need to! Changes that save water are always worth it. Just make sure to give the new changes to your plumbing system the best start. You can do this by always working with a professional plumber.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Reach out to Sweetwater Plumbing today to start your remodeling project and find some great ways to save water.

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