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Reduce Your Water Use With These Tips

closeup-of-surface-of-waterWhen you live in California, the topic of water conservation comes up often. We live in a desert state after all. Did you know that there are more ways to conserve water than just shortening your showers though?

Water conservation and reducing your water use are important habits to have that offer benefits for both your bills and your plumbing in Montclair, CA. In an effort to help you out we have listed a few different tips for you that you can incorporate into your daily home life to help you use less water and save you some cash too.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Water Use

  1. Don’t water your plants when it rains. We know it might seem odd but people still do this. When it is rainy, or even drizzling, shut off your sprinklers for a couple days and postpone plans to house down your plants because, unless they reside indoors, they are going to be nice and watered for at least a couple days.
  2. Shut off the faucet when brushing your teeth. After that initial spritz of water to wet your toothbrush, leave the faucet off until you’ve finished brushing your teeth. This saves a lot more water than you’d think!
  3. Check for leaky fixtures and get them repairs ASAP. Check your faucets and showerheads. Do you see water dripping from them long after you’ve finished using these appliances? If you do you should look into either repairing or replacing them to reduce water leakage
  4. Address pipe leaks fast. Have you noticed higher water bills or the sound of running water without a source? These are potential signs that you have a leak in your piping. You should always make it a priority to address leaks in your home to save water and to save yourself some money as well. Scheduling leak detection service makes this process go a lot faster too.
  5. Consider water-saving appliances. Last but certainly not least is updating the appliances that handle water around the home. Installing faucets, showerheads, washing machines, and other appliances that use less water is one of the best ways to use less of this precious resource and save a lot of cash too.

Additional Benefits to Using Less Water

Did you know that reducing the amount of water you use is helpful to your plumbing along with your wallet? It’s true! Let us explain.

Anytime you use a plumbing appliance in your home (we’ll use your kitchen sink as an example), you are creating wear and tear for it. That’s normal! Much like putting mileage on a car though, the amount of time spent using your kitchen sink will eventually add up in the form of clogged drains, worn down pipes creating a leak, or fixtures collecting limescale. Reducing your use saves water and can be helpful in the effort to keep your plumbing in better shape for a lot longer.

So, next time you turn on your shower, remember that reducing your use saves you money in more ways than one.

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