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Reasons Your Toilet Is Running

toilet-with-sprayer-and-phoneOne of the most common plumbing troubles in the bathroom is when the toilet either won’t stop running or runs too long before it stops. You’ve probably encountered this before when you’ve flushed the toilet, walked off to do something else, and then noticed a few minutes later the sound of running water still coming from the toilet. You jiggled the handle, maybe flushed it a second time, and the sound stopped.

But what if the sound didn’t stop? Or what if the problem continued to occur? In either case, you have a problem with the toilet that wastes large amounts of water and can potentially make it impossible to flush the toilet. You’ll need to call for repairs for your bathroom plumbing in Fullerton, CA.

Below are some of the reasons this problem might happen:

Trouble with the flapper

The flapper is a component in the toilet tank that seals off the tank from the bowl, stopping the flow of water into the bowl. Each time the toilet is flushed, the flapper lifts up to allow the tank water to move into the bowl. As the tank refills, the flapper is slowly let back down until it seals.

But the material of the flapper can decay over time, or deposits around it can prevent it from fully sealing. In either case, the seal won’t be effective and water from the tank will continue to flow down into the bowl. The flapper needs to be replaced to fix this problem.

Worn down gaskets

The gaskets form the seal between the tank and the bowl. The gaskets will wear down over time, allowing leaking between the tank and bowl. Plumbers will need to replace these gaskets.

Problems with the float ball

How does the flapper know the tank is full so it will shut? This is the responsibility of the float ball. As this float rises with the water in the tank, it eventually will cause the flapper to shut. If the float ball is deflated or stuck, the flapper won’t shut and water will keep running down into the bowl.

Broken refill tube

The refill tube is a small, flexible tube that runs from the fill valve to the overflow tube (the plastic tube in the center of the tank). Problems with the refill tube, such as falling too close to the overflow tube, will cause the toilet to start to run at the wrong times.

You may want to consider replacing an older toilet

Most of these problems are basic fixes for our professional plumbers—they’ve done these jobs many times before, and you can reach them 24 hours a day when you need repairs. But if the problem with worn gaskets and other components is happening because the toilet is old—older than 20 years—we recommend having a new toilet installed. Older bathroom fixtures can use 20% more water than newer ones, so you’ll not only start avoiding excess repairs when you have a new toilet, you’ll start saving money on your water bills.

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