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Plumbing Emergency! Here Are the 6 Most Common

scared-womanWe won’t say that we “live” for plumbing emergencies, since that sounds too much like we hope people experience plumbing fiascoes. But taking care of these emergencies is a vital part of a professional plumber’s job: being ready to come to customers’ rescue and fix their plumbing, no matter what’s wrong, no matter when. It’s why we’re “Always Open for Business!”

Over our many years of service to Southern California, we’ve responded to every kind of plumbing emergency possible, both for commercial and residential buildings. Below is a list of 6 of the most common plumbing problems people call us to fix in a hurry. If you run into one, don’t hesitate to call for a pro plumber in Corona, CA.

#1 – The overflowing toilet

This can cause homeowners to panic, since it not only means the toilet can’t be used, it also leads to water damage. The overflow can be stopped quickly by turning the valve on the feedline to stop the flow. (If there’s no valve because the toilet is old, open the tank and rig up the chain to flapper to stop the water flow. We also recommend installing a new toilet.)

#2 – The clogged sink

A minor sink clog is something that can usually be cleared out with a plunger or a hand-cranked drain snake. If these basic tools don’t fix the problem, chemical drain cleaners aren’t the answer—the chemicals can damage the drainpipes and don’t do a thorough job of removing debris. If you need a drain cleared fast, call an emergency plumber.

#3 – No hot water

Most plumbers also work on water heaters because they’re an essential part of plumbing systems. A loss of hot water can wreck the day, and if this happens to you, make sure you call a plumber with experience working with water heaters.

#4 – Blocked sewer line from tree roots

This may sound awfully specific, but it’s one of the more common reasons for damaged and blocked sewer lines. The roots of trees grow naturally toward sewer lines because of the temperature and the nutrients. The roots can enter the line and block it, and the pressure from the root growth can eventually cause the sewer line to crack. If you encounter constant clogs around the house, you may have a blocked sewer line requiring immediate remedy.

#5 – Major pipe leak

Fortunately, in Southern California we don’t have to deal with the problem of pipe freeze that often leads to burst pipes. But we don’t get to escape the trouble of pipe leaks entirely. Old pipes in a home (such as steel and iron, which are no longer used for new construction) can corrode to the point where they start leaking. If you see water spots on the walls and ceilings, call for plumbers right away to pinpoint the leaks and have them repaired.

#6 – Leaky washing machine hose

If you notice water dripping from under the washing machine, the hose may have sprung a leak. This need to be attended to right away because of the amount of water damage it creates. It can also lead to mold and mildew.

Sweetwater Plumbing serves all of Southern California. Trust us for all your emergency plumbing needs.

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