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New Home? Here’s Some Plumbing Checks and Things You Should Know!

family-before-new-houseMoving into a new house is both exciting and stressful. Often overwhelmingly stressful. There are many steps you need to take before, during, and right after the move. These range from getting to know your new neighbors (which can be a great deal of fun) to inspecting the roof and the siding (a lot less fun, but necessary).

A plumber in Ontario, CA can tell you that inspecting new home plumbing is a critical step. The plumbing in a house isn’t easy to see on a casual inspection, and there may be repair jobs and replacements necessary to get the plumbing up to standards. Here are some checks and other plumbing jobs to do when you move into your new house.

Locate the shut-off valve

The shut-off valve closes off the plumbing in the house from the water main. In emergencies, such as flooding from a loose pipe, you must know where this valve is so you can stop the water flow. The valve is usually located near the water meter. Make sure all other adults in the house know where the valve is.

Find out a few basics about the sewage system

Most homes in Southern California have a sewer main the runs from the house out to the municipal sewer line under the street. But a few houses that don’t have a connection to the city’s sewer supply will have a septic tank and drain field. If this is the case with your house and you’ve never used a septic tank system, please speak to a plumber about special steps to take and how to handle waste disposal for a septic system.

Now to the basics of your water main

Again, Southern Californian homes usually receive their freshwater from a municipal supply. Check to see that this is the case and you aren’t using water from a well. (As with a septic tank, well water requires special attention.)

Check the water pressure around the house

Go around the house and turn on the various faucets and fixtures. This is a good idea in general just to make sure they’re all working. Pay specific attention to the water pressure from each tap. Call for a plumber if water pressure is low around the house (which can indicate a water line issue or the need to install at pressure regulator) or at individual faucets (which may indicate leaks).

Look for evidence of hard water

Examine faucets to see if there are calcium or lime deposits on them. See if there is a film over glass surfaces in the shower. If you see these signs of hard water, consult with a plumber about installing a water softener.

Arrange for leak detection

The older the home, the higher chance it has hidden leaks in it. We recommend our clients schedule leak detection for a house every few years, and first moving into a new home is an ideal time to have this job done.

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