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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen Plumbing?

water-from-kitchen-sinkWe know that this time of year isn’t usually when people look at revamping things in their homes. This season is more for decorating and making the most of what is in the house, rather than replacing things. With that said, we think that if the need is there, any time is a good time for an upgrade to your plumbing system.

Let’s take your kitchen for example. If you are hosting anyone for dinner or any kind of gathering, you’ll need to make sure that your kitchen plumbing systems are running properly. If you are having to do battle with a majority of your kitchen systems though, it might be worthwhile to plan for kitchen remodeling in Ontario, CA. When you come to our team for this service, you can rest assured we will get the job done in a timely manner too.

What an Upgrade For Your Kitchen Plumbing Can Do For You

If you are thinking of investing in a remodel for your kitchen, then it is a great time to look at upgrades for your plumbing. Remodeling isn’t just about the improvement of the visible aspects of your kitchen but also about improving the systems working to run things behind the scenes.

Here are some key upgrades that you can make when you get your remodel started:

Switch to water-saving faucets

When it comes to living in California it is always a good time to consider reducing your water use. When you are in the midst of remodeling why not consider upgrading your kitchen faucet to a water-saving model? This can save you gallons a day which reduces your bills and your impact on the environment.

Replace your sink drain

You use your kitchen sink every day and wash quite a bit of wastewater down the drain. After a while, even with professional drain cleaning, that will add up. You know pipe lasts forever and your drain is no exception. If you have a leaky drain pipe or even one that is starting to develop permanent scaling it may be a good time to replace it

Upgrade your garbage disposal

How old is your current garbage disposal? How often are you having to repair it? If you have a garbage disposal that has seen its fair share of use and it’s finally starting to wear out it may be a good time to upgrade it. Just remember never to try to use it to actually dispose of garbage or other problematic items like phones or fruit pits.

Look into water treatment systems

California is known for having hard water which can take a toll on our plumbing pipes and appliances. With a water treatment system, however, you can reduce the impact of hard water by treating it before it can mess with your faucets or drains. Even a point-of-use system can make a huge difference for your plumbing.

Whatever upgrades you want to make to your kitchen, you can trust our team to help you every step of the way.

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