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Important Considerations When You Have Water Damage

pipe-about-to-burstWater may be one of the basics components of life, but it’s also a destructive force. When parts of your house are exposed to water from flooding and plumbing accidents, the damage goes much deeper than simply making surfaces wet. Water seeps into everything and cannot be easily removed. Over time, water damage will worsen, destroying drywall, creating wood rot, structurally weakening supporting beams, destroying wiring and HVAC systems, and creating dangerous black mold.

Remediating water damage is a specialized service requiring professionals. You can reach us for water damage restoration in Ontario, CA or elsewhere in Southern California. Below are a few important things to consider when you have water damage.

Stop the Source of the Damage

Sometimes you won’t have any trouble knowing where the water is coming from—a burst pipe, flooding from the weather, a toilet that overflows. But the situation isn’t always so straightforward. Hidden pipe leaks can cause extensive damage before you even realize it. When you see signs of water damage, such as stains along the ceiling, the first thing to do is call one of our professional plumbers. They’ll locate the source of the water damage and have it repaired. Once that’s done, you can move on to restoration.

Know the Potential Health Risks

Water damage can wreck parts of a house, but it also creates health hazards. Not only does the water encourage the growth of black mold, which emits unhealthy spores, but contaminated sewage water (black water) may contain high levels of bacteria, chemicals, and pesticides. If you have water damage due to a sewer line back-up, have the professional water damage restorers on the job as soon as possible. Even gray water (water from washing machines and showers and sink drains) can contain harmful microbes.

Look for a Contractor Experienced With Water Damage Restoration

We mentioned this before, but fixing water damage isn’t something anybody can do with a mop and hard work. You want to find a contractor who has experience taking care of water damage and has references to back up their work. Since you’re already on our website, your search for an excellent contractor is at an end—we handle remediation and restoration from water damage. We use the latest technology and our technicians are certified with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We not only know how to restore damaged areas, we know the codes and regulations to follow.

You May Want to Consider Remodeling

If parts of your house suffered extensive water damage, the best way to recover may be with remodeling. This is often the case with seriously damaged bathrooms.

Our Water Damage Restorationists Are Ready to Help

The water damage experts on our staff provide complete services to clean up, clean out, disinfect, and deodorize your home. We also provide testing, belongings recovery, and temporary power. To smooth over this process, we’ll work directly with your insurance company. We know water damage is often painful for homeowners, and we want to make it as easy as possible to get your home back to the way it was.

Sweetwater Plumbing serves Southern California and is always open for business. Call us for water damage restoration services.

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