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How Can I Know I Have a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are one of the most difficult of all residential plumbing problems to find and fix. These are leaks that occur down within the concrete foundation of a house, either in the cold water or hot water pipes. (80% occur in hot water pipes.) These leaks waste large amounts of water and can lead to building damage—but since they are located under concrete, they are difficult to notice at first. How can you tell that you have a slab leak so you can call on professional plumbers to fix it? Below is a short guide to some of the more common warning signs of a slab leak:

High water bills

Slab leaks are one of the leading causes of unexplained spikes in water bills. If you see that your monthly cost for water has shot upward, and you can’t explain this due to an increase in water use, then you probably have a leak occurring somewhere—and a slab leak is a prime candidate.

Strange behavior from the water heater

Because four-fifths of slab leaks happen in hot water lines, they often cause water heaters to act strangely. If you water heater starts to come on at odd times when no one is using hot water in the house, or the cost of running the water heater starts to rise without good explanation, call plumbers to investigate and see if a slab leak is at fault.

Cracks in the basement

The pressure from the water escaping a slab leak can be immense. This will lead to cracks appearing along the basement floor. Should you see this, don’t wait to call on plumbers: the slab leak may already be advanced, and it’s doing damage to your home.

The sound of running water

Can you hear water running in your basement, even though there’s no visible sign of water and no tap turned on in the house? This is a strong sign of a slab leak.

For slab leak detection and repair, call Sweetwater Plumbing. We offer service to Chino, CA and throughout Southern California.

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