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How to Tell Your Toilet Needs Service


The use and function of the toilet in your home isn’t going to think about often. However, if something goes wrong with your toilet, this plumbing appliance is going to immediately jump to the front of your mind.

We’d say that prevention is going to always be better than waiting for your toiler to completely stop functioning. But it may not always be obvious if and when your toilet needs professional plumbing service in Ontario, CA. Our team can provide you with the information to figure out if your toiler needs service so you can call for service before a breakdown or a flooded floor.

Is Something Wrong With Your Toilet?

If your toilet is still flushing and refilling, does it need professional assistance? It might if it still exhibits any of these warning signs of trouble.

  • Phantom Flushing: It’s the middle of the day and no one, not even your trickster toddler, has gotten near the toilet recently but it suddenly flushes. That’s not normal. However, rather than the culprit being a poltergeist, what you likely have is a leaking toilet. You may have a drain leak or a sealant leak allowing the water from the toilet to escape and, when the level gets low enough, trigger a flush cycle.
  • Slow Refills: When you flush your toilet, it should be a pretty quick process to drain the waste away and refill the toilet bowl and tank. But what does it mean if your toilet seems to take its time refilling? This can eventually develop into a toilet that just seems to run all the time. The core problem? It may be a pipe leak reducing your water pressure or a leak that allows water to escape almost as fast as it enters the toilet system.
  • Frequent Clogs: Clogs happen. But frequent clogs aren’t something to brush off. If you have a clog each day, or even more often, and there really isn’t much reason for it, then it is worthwhile to have a plumber check things out. This may mean you need to update your toilet drain line or clean it out.
  • Ever-Running Toilet: You went to the bathroom and flushed an hour ago. However, you can still hear the sound of the toilet “running.” This may be paired with phantom flushing in some cases but the ultimate problem you are dealing with here is a leak somewhere in the toilet.
  • Noisy Flushing: We aren’t talking about the sound of water being flushed here. The sounds we are talking about might sound like a loud drawn-out groan as the flush cycle ends. Changes are that you have a worn seal in the toiler that needs to be addressed if you hear this kind of noise.

While these issues may not translate to a completely unusable toilet, they can be the predecessor of one. Make sure to reach out to our team to have your toilet checked out and provided with the service it needs.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Schedule your next toilet repair or any other plumbing service you need with Sweetwater Plumbing.

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