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How Does Leak Detection Work?

One of the most important of the jobs that we handle as professional plumbers is leak detection. At first, you might think that this isn’t that crucial of a task: you can find leaks by simply looking for where water is dripping from someplace it shouldn’t, right? But consider your entire household plumbing system. How many pipes are hidden from sight behind drywall, in floorboards? Most of them. And if your home has a concrete foundation, there are also pipes set down in that as well.

It’s not easy to tell if there’s water leaking from these hidden pipes until a large amount of damage has been done and gallons of water have been wasted. Plumbers have the tools and training required to pinpoint the covert leaks and get them fixed.

The First Part Is Noticing the Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

There are a number of warning signs that will clue you in to the existence of household leaks. Higher water bills than normal are the earliest sign to appear. You may see damp spots on the walls, discoloration, bumps in the floorboards, rises in humidity, the sound of water running when no tap is on, or the water heater turning on and off at odd times. Should you notice any of this, run a test: check the water meter, and then don’t use any water or water-using appliance in your home for an hour. Check the water meter again. If it’s gone up, you’ve got a leak hidden somewhere.

The Second Part Is Calling Our Plumbers

Locating the actual location of the leak is something professionals plumbers like ours can take care of. We use a number of different techniques: video camera inspection equipment to look down into the pipes through access points, acoustic listening discs, thermal scanners, and the training to understand how a home’s plumbing is laid out. We can narrow down the location of the leaking to access the pipe with minimal damage to construction material. And we’ll have the leak repaired in no time.

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