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Here Are the Best Tools for Professional Leak Detection

leak-in-pipeProfessional plumbers are invaluable when it comes to most plumbing services, from something as basic as unclogging a drain to complex jobs involving new construction plumbing installation. One of the most important jobs a professional plumber offers is leak detection. Leaks are common in homes and commercial buildings and they’re difficult to spot most of the time. To find leaks and then be able to repair them, professional plumbers use a variety of special tools. Below are some of the leak detection equipment that our plumbers use on the job.

Their own training

This isn’t a piece of equipment, but it’s definitely a crucial tool—and only the best-trained plumbers can use it. When plumbers come to a building for leak detection, they’ll use their knowledge of plumbing systems and general pipe placement to narrow down where the leaks may be. They can analyze various signs that will point to the likely spot. This usually won’t pinpoint the exact leak location, but the training makes the job go much faster.

Listening discs

Escaping water from a pipe creates a noticeable sound. In fact, one of the reasons a home or business owner contacts a plumber in the first place is because they heard running water sounds behind walls or down in floors. Plumbers use special acoustic listening discs to hear through thick material and determine where the water is escaping from the plumbing pipes.

Thermal scanners

As water leaves a leaking pipe, it changes the temperature around the pipe—especially if the pipe is a hot water line. Thermal scanners allow plumbers to spot locations of temperature changes through concrete, wood, drywall, and most other materials.

Video camera inspection equipment

When a plumber wants to get a close look inside a pipe not only to discover where leaks are, but the type and size or leak, a video pipe camera is the best tool. A miniaturized camera and LED light are mounted on the end of a long fiber optic cable that can be sent into the pipes. It connects to a video monitor where the plumber can see clear images of the pipe interior.

Once plumbers have located the leak using one or more of the tools above, they can determine how best to repair the leak. In some cases, it won’t be necessary to excavate or take out building material to do the job. For example, with slab leaks, a plumber can sometimes laterally insert a new pipeline to bypass the leaking section. If excavation or building material removal is necessary, the leak detection equipment will ensure the least amount of damage is done. Once the leak is fixed, the plumber will seal up the area.

If you suspect you have hidden leaks in your residential or commercial building, call an experienced plumber in Anaheim, CA for leak detection and repair. We’re a full-service plumbing company that works with all sizes of jobs, and we have plumbers ready 24 hours a day to help you, no matter the problem. We use only the finest equipment on any job.

Sweetwater Plumbing is always open for business when you need leaks fixed! Serving Southern California.

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