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Give the Gift of Leak Detection…to Yourself!

leaking-drain-pipeThe holidays are wrapping up but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself and your home a little something extra. We are talking about professional plumbing services of course. It is never too late (or early) in the year to schedule a leak detection appointment!

Leak detection is one great gift for multiple reasons. You are giving yourself the present of renewed peace of mind for one and the ability to address an issue before it gets worse for another. But perhaps you are wondering what leak detection is and why or when you might want to consider calling to schedule this service for your home.

Thankfully, we can answer those questions! After all, we are a team of qualified and trained plumbers in Ontario, CA who provide this service and others throughout Southern California.

 What Leak Detection Is

Leak detection isn’t a magic service that spots leaks before they happen. However, this service does have the potential to catch leaks pretty early on, based on when you can to schedule your visit from a member of our team. In short, leak detection helps you discover where a leak is so your plumber isn’t spending extra time trying to hunt for the exact point of a leak. Instead, they’ll be able to find the leak quickly and use the extra time to get it patched up.

Why Leak Detection Services Are Worth It

So, if leak detection doesn’t prevent the leak in the first place, is it really worth it? The answer is yes! And we can tell you why.

When you have a pipe that springs a leak, it will only get worse. The key is catching it early. When you start to notice signs that you have a leak such as higher water bills, a running water meter, or the sound of running water, you want to catch and address the leak as soon as possible. The name of the game is damage mitigation and leak detection is a great help in this endeavor. This is because it helps you pinpoint exactly where a leak is which allows you to get it sealed up that much faster.

As an added bonus, this means you only have an equal amount of holes in your walls as you have leaks rather than having holes made in an effort to locate the leak.

When Your Plumbing is in Trouble, We Can Help

And there you have it. Leak detection is a gift to yourself because it helps you stave off a much worse, much wetter issue that you might encounter down the road. The key with this however is to make sure that you only request this service from a professional. A trained professional plumber will have the tools and the know-how needed to get your leak detection, and your leak fix, done right the first time around. By contrast, an amateur may take longer and end up making the issue worse.

The next time you need leak detection service or any other plumbing service, make sure you reach out to the professionals at Sweetwater Plumbing.

We don’t charge by the hour, We charge by the job! Contact our team today.

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