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Think You Have a Water Leak? Don’t Wait to Call for a Plumber

leaking-pipeAfter the clogged drain, the water leak is the most common and persistent trouble affecting home plumbing. Leaks in pipes and valves creates water damage, lowers water pressure throughout a plumbing system, wastes water, and can even create unhealthy conditions. For example, you don’t want leaks in sewer lines allowing bacteria and other contaminants into your house, and even fresh water leaks can create the growth of harmful molds.

This list of leaky plumbing problems is one of the reasons you should never wait to call a professional plumber to fix a leak. Any plumber will tell you that there’s no such thing as a “minor” leak. A leak can be small, but the accumulation of water still causes plenty of damage. Small leaks often get the opportunity to create problems because people brush them off and delay calling for a pro to fix them.

“But I can probably fix the leak on my own.”

We understand wanting to save money and tackle a leak problem yourself. If you have a leaky faucet that only needs tightening or a new washer, the instinct to go DIY is probably right. For all other types of leaks, homemade remedies and guides from websites won’t do it. They may even make the problem worse.

If your immediate idea to stop up a leak in an exposed pipe is to wrap duct tape around it, we urge you to put down the tape roll and call a plumber immediately. Not only will this jury-rigged “solution” not repair the leak, but the leak might be only one of several leaks or a symptom of a bigger problem such as aging pipes or a spike in water pressure.

The Hidden Leak Dilemma

Another reason to move fast on getting experts to fix leaks instead of delaying or figuring out amateur approaches is that leaks are often tricky to access. If you notice water stains on the walls of the house or spots of brownish discoloration, it usually means a pipe behind the wall is leaking. How can you reach it? You can’t, unless you feel okay bashing or cutting through the wall to get to it. You don’t really want to do that. At this point, the leak is already causing damage, and it’s past time to call a licensed plumber to detect the leak and fix it, with minimal damage to building material.

Bringing in a plumber on a leak right away also helps to catch the other hidden leaking that may be in the home. A skilled plumber can tell if a leak is the sign of a plumbing issue affecting other parts of the plumbing system. Using leak detection equipment and training, a plumber can locate the leaks you haven’t seen yet. In some cases, you might learn that you need to have extensive repiping to replace outdated plumbing materials.

You never have to worry about finding pros for 24-hour plumbing in Fontana, CA when you discover a leak. We’re ready day and night to come to your assistance.

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