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The DIY Mistakes We Often Find in Plumbing Systems

faucet-and-wrenchAsk any professional plumber about “do-it-yourself” errors and they’ll tell you a slew of horror stories. Many calls for plumbing in Montclair, CA and the surrounding areas are because of a glitch made when an amateur attempted to fix a malfunction or take care of an installation.

You may have DIY plumbing troubles in your house you’re unaware of—because the previous owner is the one who made them! So even if you’ve never seized a tool belt to make a heroic but misguided attempt at a household plumbing adventure, you may still have amateur problems brewing in the pipes and fixtures.

The Most Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes We See

We’ve seen some strange plumbing mistakes in our years in business. But we’ll focus on the straightforward ones. We hope this helps you understand better why calling for licensed plumbers is the only way to go!

  • Drain cleaner destroying drainpipes: Drain clogs are common, and people want them fixed fast. Unfortunately, this tricks them into pouring a bottle of chemical “drain cleaner” down the drains as a quick fix. What’s unfortunate about this? The acidic chemicals gnaw drainpipe material and inflict long-term damage. (The fumes also pose health hazards, and the chemicals can easily become trapped in the drain and billow these fumes into the house.) The only home-remedies for drain clogs we recommend are plungers and drain snakes. If you can’t unclog the drain with those, call us for drain cleaning.
  • Mismatched pipes: The materials of piping have changed over the decades: various plastics, brass, iron, galvanized steel, copper, etc. We never advise people try to replace or repipe parts of their home to make upgrades, because plenty can go wrong. The most common problem is when pipe materials of different types come into contact. This may not sound terrible, but mismatched connections can lead to corrosion and leaking. Please allow a professional to handle putting in new pipes so you don’t end up with a haphazard snarl of material that spells future trouble.
  • Connections that are too snug: When you use those wrenches on your tool belt to tighten pipe connections, you run the risk of overtightening. This is a misunderstanding of how “watertight” connections must be. When tightened too much, the connections become stripped away and even begin to crack piping material. Many leaks at connections are the fault of this basic mistake.
  • The rotten recobble: Dismantling multiple parts of the plumbing to attempt a repair or install a new fixture courts disaster. When the times come to reassemble the parts, they might end up going back together wrong. Even a simple mistake recobbling a drain trap can end up making the trap useless. Professionals have worked for years on plumbing assemblies, so leave the puzzle-work of pipes and fixtures to them.

Our plumbers are trusted leaders in the industry. They possess the tools and knowledge to take care of all your plumbing needs right the first time. Save yourself a step and leave the DIY guides aside—fly right to us.

Sweetwater Plumbing: We are always open for business! Call us anytime of the day or night when you need plumbing work done right.

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